I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Chapter 85- Soleils Rank-up Exam

[Luna POV]

It was the day after Velvet and Soleils date.  Today we were going to report the successful completion of our quest and I was waiting for Soleil to get here.  Velvet was standing next to me, and I noticed that she was wearing the necklace that Soleil got for her.

‘How long do you think Velvet will be on the fence?

{That depends on how hard Soleil is going to try to make her fall.}

‘I guess youre right.  All we can do is wait and hope.

“You know I can tell what youre thinking, right?” (Velvet)

“And that would be?” (Luna)

“How long until I fall for Soleil.” (Velvet)

“Fufufu.  Got it in one.” (Luna)

“I told her this yesterday, I dont dislike her, but we need to spend more time as friends first.” (Velvet)

“I get it, but dont underestimate her.  If she was able to sneak in and sleep hugging my tail without my notice for years, then getting you to fall for her will be an easy matter.” (Luna)

“I just hope she doesnt go overboard.” (Velvet)

“I doubt she will, she has common sense after all.” (Luna)

“So youre admitting that you dont?” (Velvet)

“I do have it; I just choose not to use it.  It takes the fun out of things.” (Luna)

“Im here.” (Soleil)

“Got everything ready?” (Luna)

“Yes.” (Soleil)

I was about to teleport us to the capital when Ana and mom stopped us.

“Before you go, we need to discuss something.” (Amagi)

“What is it?” (Luna)

“We need to figure out when to hold Soleils coming-of-age ceremony.” (Ana)

“That is important.  Let us turn in our quest and learn when Soleil will take the rank up test for D-rank.  We can hold it either before or after that.” (Luna)

“What do you think, Ana?” (Amagi)

“I believe that is reasonable.” (Ana)

“Let us know right after you find out.” (Amagi)

“Will do.” (Luna)

We teleported to the capital after that.  I brought us to an alley near the guild and we walked from there.  When we entered, we immediately found Ibaraki and went over to her.

“Good morning, no Shuten today?” (Luna)

“Good morning, and no, today is her day off.” (Ibaraki)

“Got it.  We are here to turn in the quest we took.” (Luna)

“Can I assume you also have materials from the slain kobolds?” (Ibaraki)

“Too much to count.” (Luna)

“Showing me proof from the king is enough.” (Ibaraki)

I took out the proof and Ibaraki nodded.

“Thats good enough, Ill go and get the tool to check contribution.” (Ibaraki)

She went into the back of the guild and returned a few minutes later carrying a tool that looked like a tablet.

“Please hand me your guild cards for a minute.” (Ibaraki)

We did as she asked and handed over our guild cards.  She placed them on the tablet and wrote down the information that she was given.

“Did Soleil have enough contribution to make it to D-rank?” (Velvet)

“Yes.  She had more than enough.” (Ibaraki)

“Then can you tell us when the D-rank exam is?” (Luna)

“The day after tomorrow.  She will be put in a party with other aspiring D-ranks and be sent to a nearby bandit camp to eliminate them.” (Ibaraki)

“Good.  Im glad its not somewhere that will take a while to get there.” (Luna)

We finished up the quest completion paperwork and left the guild.  We went back to the alley that we arrived in and teleported back to the shrine.  I left Soleil and Velvet to do whatever for the rest of the day and looked for mom and Ana.  Surprisingly, they werent in moms office so I had to look around for longer.

{Go and check the main hall of the shrine.}

I did as Tamamo suggested and found them there.

‘How did you know they were here?

{Well, they are priestesses, so it would make sense that they would be somewhere in the shrine.  They also have to take a break from paperwork at some point, and this is the first place I would go if I wanted to take a break.}

‘Thats true.  I always did like this part of the shrine, its so open and pretty.

I walked over to mom and Ana.  They were discussing the details of Soleils coming-of-age ceremony when they noticed me.

“How long until Soleils test?” (Amagi)

“We can do the ceremony tomorrow.  If not then, we will have to wait for Soleil to finish the test.” (Luna)

“Then we need to start preparations now.  Will you help out, Luna?” (Ana)

“Tell me what you need me to do, and it will be done.” (Luna)

Like this, the preparations for Soleils ceremony were finished in record time.  The next day, Soleil was dressed up in traditional clothes and was kneeling in the center of the innermost shrine room.  There was a lot of incense burning and mom was speaking some profound sounding things.

‘This seems a bit over the top.

{I know, Im a bit embarrassed about this actually.  I came up with all of this when I was relatively younger.  Ive wanted to change it, but its been like this for so long, I dont really know how to go about it.}

‘It wasnt like this for me, though.

{Thats because its you.  This is how this ceremony is normally done and I think that your mother and Ana wanted you to see what the usual ceremony is like.  Now if you excuse me for a second, its about to be my turn.}

“Now, clear your mind and allow the Goddess to release the seal.” (Amagi)

A silvery light fell from the sky and covered Soleil.  This went on for a few seconds before the light faded.  Soleil then stood up and performed a neat bow to the alter at the back of the room.

{And my work is done.}

‘And the mysticism is gone.

{Like I said before, Im embarrassed about this whole ceremony.  Why do you think I personally came to you for yours?}

‘Because you wanted to see me and talk with my parents.

{There is also that.}

While I talked with Tamamo, Soleil came up to me and asked a question.

“Big sis, will you transform for me?”

“I dont mind; but let me ask why.”

“I want to see if watching you transform will help me figure out how to do it.”


I transformed into my fox form and sat down.  I looked up at Soleil and she was eyeing my tails.  She stood like that for a minute but managed to shake herself out of her daze.

“Anything click?”


“Unfortunately not.”

I transformed back and patted Soleil on her head.

“Dont worry, youll figure it out soon enough.  Lets go find Velvet and show her how you look in a traditional shrine dress.”

“Sounds good to me.”

We left the room but not before I heard mom start talking with Ana.

“She takes after you Ana, Velvet isnt going to stand a chance.” (Amagi)

“Of course she wont, I taught Soleil everything I know.” (Ana)

‘This is going to be fun to watch.

{I agree.}

It didnt take long to find Velvet and when she saw Soleil, I could see her blush a little.

“You look nice, Soleil.” (Velvet)

“Thank you.” (Soleil)

“The ceremony is over, now all Soleil has to do is figure out the condition to use the skill.” (Luna)

At that moment I saw Soleil move out of the corner of my eye.  She walked up to Velvet and gave her a big hug.  That made Velvet flustered, and she was looking around confused.  Soleil kept hugging Velvet for several minutes then let go.

“Well, that didnt work.” (Soleil)

“Maybe it will if you do it again.” (Luna)

“Why are you encouraging her?” (Velvet)

“Why would I not?” (Luna)

“… Fair point.” (Velvet)

“I wouldnt mind trying again.  Maybe I need to hug you tighter, or maybe I need to pat your head.” (Soleil)

“Not right now, Soleil.” (Velvet)

A knowing grin spread across my face and I turned to Soleil.

“Did you hear that Soleil, she said not right now, not no.” (Luna)

“Now hold on a minute.” Velvet said getting flustered again.

“its alright Velvet, I understand, Ill hug you again later.” (Soleil)

“Ugh.” Velvet groaned as she dropped her shoulders.

‘This is fun to watch.

{You said that earlier.}

‘I repeated it for emphasis.

Like this we spent the rest of the day enjoying ourselves before we got back to putting all our effort into raising Soleils guild rank.

Author ’s Note:

Atmos: I ’M FREE!

Welcome back.

Atmos: Tell me what I missed.

Soleil confessed to Velvet, Velvet halfway accepted but put the caveat of starting as friends to get to know each other, Soleil declared that she will make Velvet fall for her, teasing from Luna ensues much to the detriment of Velvet.

Atmos: How fun.  It ’s a shame that I didn ’t have a hand in it.

Tamamo: That ’s why I locked you in the Atmos Isolation Room.  There is no need for you to interfere in their relationship.

Atmos: Fine, but when they are able to come here, I ’m going to tease them as well.

Do you mean the divine domain or the Author ’s Note?

Atmos: Yes.

I should have expected that answer.

Tamamo: At least it make it lively here.

That ’s true.  By the way Atmos, Velvet likes sweet things and oranges.  If you ever feel like throwing around cakes again, you can make them to the person ’s preference.

Atmos: Good to know.  What about Soleil?

Since fried tofu won ’t make a good cake, go with your gut feeling.

Atmos: Got it.  I already have a coffee cake ready for Luna the next time I see her.

Tamamo: Back into the room you go.


Sorry for encouraging her, I couldn ’t help myself.

Tamamo: It ’s fine for now.  She ’ll be making cakes for a while and that will keep her busy.  I just need to get Luna prepared.

I wouldn ’t worry about that, she has a spatial barrier up at all times, so she won ’t get that affected.

Tamamo: I ’m still going to warn her.

Ok, have fun flirting then.

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