I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Chapter 80- Back in the Capital

[Luna POV]

I forced myself to get up early even though I was still sluggish from using all of my mana.  I left my room to find something to eat and found mom, dad, and Velvet already up.

“Whats up, Luna, you look exhausted?” (Amagi)

“I spent all of my mana last night in order to prepare for the future.” I answered back while slumping into a chair.

“The only time Ive ever seen you use all of your mana was when you teleported the three of us out of the dungeon, so where did you go?” (Velvet)

“I teleported to Greys office, which I dont think Im going to do again anytime soon.  Its even worse than teleporting outside of a dungeon.” (Luna)

“What did you go to Grand Master Grey for?” (Deacon)

“First of all, Im assuming you already know that he is the God of Adventure, right?” (Luna)

Everyone nodded their heads in affirmation.

“I asked him what effect his blessing has and if he would be willing to bless Soleil.” (Luna)

“Why?” (Velvet)

“So that she wont feel like she needs to do something stupid and dangerous while travelling with us so that she can catch up in strength.  In my experience, although fictional, people that feel like they drag down their parties due to their weakness always end up worse off by trying to get stronger faster.” (Luna)

“Did he agree?” (Deacon)

“He did on the condition that she reaches B-rank in a month.” (Luna)

“With our help it should be easy.” (Velvet)

“I agree, thats why I need you to hold off sending anyone to check on the kobold king, dad.  If I go and get Soleil registered today, report this, and accept the extermination quest with Soleil, I might be able to get her to at least D-rank by the end of the week.” (Luna)

“What about C-rank?  She needs to successfully escort someone out of the country and deliver something somewhere not in the capital.” (Amagi)

“Both are easy, I just need to give up on hiding my space magic.” (Luna)

“Are you really considering that?” (Velvet)

“Yes.  The only reason I hid it in the first place was to avoid being solicited by a country.  Drome and Pneuma know about it but wont try anything, as for other countries, I dont know if they can do anything since Im on speaking terms with Grey.” (Luna)

“Wasnt that a secret?” (Velvet)

“He gave me permission while I was chatting with him during the new year get together to use the medallion in any way I want if its to avoid trouble with higher ups in a country I dont have an in with.” (Luna)

“So basically, you would only really need to use that in the Demon Empire and the Dwarf Nation.” (Deacon)

“Pretty much.  Of course, I will probably somehow end up having a higher up in one of those countries be friendly with me one day.” (Luna)

“Thats true.  It would be hilarious if Jarl or Apollo turn out to be a prince or something.” (Velvet)

“That would indeed be funny.” (Luna)

“What will happen if you run out of time?” (Amagi)

“Hell still bless Soleil, Ill just have to give up on keeping the floating island.” (Luna)

“But dont you want to turn that into your home with the Goddess?” (Velvet)

“I do, but if it turns out that I have to give it up for now, I will.  Ill be living for eternity anyway, so Ill probably find another one one day.” (Luna)

“Good point, although I think that youll be able to pull off the first condition rather easily.” (Amagi)

“Thats true.  The only thing Im worried about is the dungeon part of getting to B-rank.  I know she doesnt have to clear the dungeon fully, just reach a specified floor, but me being me, I wont be satisfied if we just leave it at that.” (Luna)

At this point in the conversation, Ana and Soleil arrived.

“Hello everyone.” (Soleil)

“Did we interrupt something?” (Ana)

“Not really, I was just discussing a small change in plans, or more like a speed up to the schedule.” (Luna)

“What are you talking about?” (Soleil)

“Youre near future.” (Ana)

“Soleil, I need you to get ready to put your nose to the grindstone.  We have a busy month ahead of us.” (Luna)

“Is it time for me to join you?” (Soleil)

“Yes, but I need you to listen to everything Luna and Velvet tell you, or Ill make you wait for one more year.” (Ana)

“That was a given from the start mom.” (Soleil)

“Now what did you mean by speeding up the schedule?” (Ana)

“We have a month to get Soleil to B-rank for her own mental health.” (Luna)

“If thats the case Ill run back home and get ready to leave.  Ill be right back.” Soleil said as she ran at full speed back out of the door.

“When do you leave?” (Ana)

“Well be teleporting in and out of here for a while.  I doubt thisll actually take a month, but just to be safe Im setting this as the main base of our operations.” I said as I looked at everyone in the room.

“Sorry for making all of these arbitrary decisions, Velvet.” (Luna)

“Its fine, youre the party leader after all.  Just make sure you dont run all of us ragged by getting ahead of yourself.” (Velvet)

“By the way, since youll be officially a party of three, youll need a party name.” (Deacon)

“Have anything in mind, Luna?” (Velvet)

“I do, but Ill let you find out when we officially add Soleil to the party.” (Luna)

“Fine by me, I absolutely suck at coming up with names.” (Velvet)

“It cant be that bad, can it?” (Luna)

“Trust me, it is.  By the way, since I assume were teleporting to Savannas capital, can we stop by my place for a bit?  I want to return the ring to my mother.” (Velvet)

“That shouldnt take long, so why not.” (Luna)

“Thanks.” (Velvet)

“Lady Amagi, Lord Deacon, Luna has grown so much in the time she hasnt been here.” (Ana)

““I agree.””

I decided to ignore the words of Ana and my parents and got up when I herd Soleil running back.  When she entered the room for the second time today, she was out of breath and carrying a bag on her shoulders.

“Im……..back.” (Soleil)

“Good.  Well be going now, but well most likely be back soon.” (Luna)

“““Good luck.”””

I walked over to Velvet and Soleil, and we teleported off.  We instantly arrived in Velvets room in Savannas capital.

“Ugh.  Its been too long since I did that.” (Soleil)

“You going to be sick?” (Luna)

“No, just need to get used to it again.” (Soleil)

“Come on, lets find my mother quickly and well be able to head straight for the guild.” (Velvet)

We left Velvets room and walked to a pair of doors that looked like the ones in front of moms office at the shrine.

“Mother, Im back for a bit.” (Velvet)

“Come in Velvet.” (Sonia)

We all entered the room.  Velvets mother was surprised that me and Soleil were present judging by her reaction.

“I wasnt expecting you to also be here, Lady Luna, and who is this cute one?” (Sonia)

“This is Soleil, my little sister and newest member of our party.” (Luna)

“My apologies for being disrespectful then, Lady Soleil.” (Sonia)

“There is no need for that.  Although I call Luna my big sister, were not actually related.” (Soleil)

It felt strange hearing Soleil call me by my name.  I looked at her and I must have had a strange expression on my face because Soleil started to get flustered.

“I didnt mean that I dont like being your little sister, its just that I dont want to be treated so respectfully just because of my relationship with you.” (Soleil)

“Its fine, it just felt weird hearing you say my name instead of calling me big sis.” (Luna)

“It felt weird saying it, but I think I should start using your name while we are in public at least.” (Soleil)

“Why?” (Luna)

“Im not sure myself.” (Soleil)

“Anyway, were just stopping by so I can give this back.” Velvet said as she handed the ring she has worn the entire time to her mother.

“Does this mean that you are leaving Lady Lunas party Velvet?” (Sonia)

“No, I just dont need it anymore.  Luna gave me something that got rid of my weakness to sunlight permanently.” (Velvet)

“Before you ask, no, I cant get anymore of it.” (Luna)

{You could if you asked, but I know you wont.}

“Thats fine.  Enjoy it Velvet, youre one of the few Sunwalker vampires to have existed now.” (Sonia)

“Oh.  Does that mean I should start calling her Velvet the Sunwalker now?” (Luna)

“Please dont.  I feel like if you start doing that, itll become a title that will show up in my status.” (Velvet)

“I think it has a nice ring to it.” (Soleil)

“Not you too.” (Velvet)

“I was just kidding Velvet.” (Luna)

“I still think it sounds cool.” (Soleil)

“Anyway, we finished what we needed to so lets head to the guild now.” (Velvet)

Velvet hurried out of the room while the three of us stared at her back.

“Shes kind of cute when she gets like that.” (Soleil)

Both me and Sonia looked at Soleil when she said that, and her face grew red.

“Did I say that out loud?” (Soleil)

““You did.””

Soleil then ran out of the room the same way Velvet did.

“And I havent even started trying yet.” (Luna)

“You want those two to be together?” (Sonia)

“Yes.  I feel like they would be a good couple.” (Luna)

“Let them know that they have my blessing.” (Sonia)

“Will do.” I said as I left the room to find the two of them.

Author ’s Note:

Luna: Now that I think about it, Velvet and Soleil did spend some time together before.  I wonder if anything happened back then?

Nothing interesting or there would have been a side chapter about it.

Luna: So can I expect more developments like this?

I ’ll try my best, but I make no promises that it will be satisfying due to my lack of experience in the ways of romantic relationships.

Luna: I feel like you ’re doing fine in regards to mine and Tamamo ’s relationship.

Tamamo: I agree.

That ’s because the two of you fell in love at first sight.  Soleil and Velvet are starting from nothing and need to start from friends.

Luna: I believe you can do it.

Tamamo: Same.

Thanks you two.

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