I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Chapter 71- Last Days of the Break

[Luna POV]

Once Nia got back from meeting her brother, she had another person with her.  That person turned out to be the queen as well as the person Nia asked to make us dresses.  When she saw us, she got a bright gleam in her eyes and she immediately asked for our measurements and what kind of fabrics we liked.

After that everything else was a blur and then next day we had formal dresses handed to us to try on.  We did and any problems were fixed.  After that was the day of the announcement.  I stood in the throne room at the end of a line of nobles.  Velvet was next to me, and Nia was on the other side right across from us.

There was some fanfare played and Pneuma entered the throne room.  She walked down the line of nobles with a dignified atmosphere.  I could see that she glanced around at the people as she passed by them, so I decided to give her a smile when she noticed me.

When I did that, she seemed to relax a bit and the rest was quick.  Drome stood up from his throne and asked Pneuma if she would do this and that for the kingdom to which she answered yes and then she stood up and turned toward the crowd.

Drome declared Pneuma the crown princess and the room erupted into applause and horns were blown outside.  I was happy to be wearing the sound dampening magic tools because it was all a bit too loud for my taste.  After that Velvet and I went back to Nias villa and spent the rest of the day doing random stuff.  I was raising the skill level of my sewing skill and Velvet was watching me and trying to learn the skill as well.  Time passed quickly as we did this and before I knew it, it was evening.

“Have fun tonight, Luna.”

“I plan on it.  See you tomorrow.”

I went to the room that Ive been staying in during my time here and immediately fell asleep.  I woke up again in Tamamos place and saw her waiting for me.

“Im here, my precious Tamamo.”

{Welcome back, my adorable Luna.}

I went up to Tamamo and gave her a deep kiss before backing up a bit.

“Before I get to the pampering, Ill give you the gift that Ive been waiting to give you.”

I pulled out the mirror that I was giving Tamamo, and it instantly floated over to her like it knew she was its owner.  Once Tamamo touched it, a light shone briefly, and the mirror started floating around her.  I pulled out my own mirror and it started to do the same.  They floated faster and faster then came to a sudden stop in front of us.  The faces of the mirrors had a sort of fog in them that became clearer and clearer until I could see Tamamos face through it.

“Glad to know they work.”

{I agree.  With these, Ill even be able to talk to others without you or Velvet relaying the message.}

I decided to put my mirror away and Tamamo sent hers off to somewhere.

“Now come with me Tamamo.  I have some nice things planned for tonight.”

We walked a bit then I pulled out a table and two chairs.  I then brought out all of the fried tofu I made the other day.

{Why is there only one pair of chopsticks, Luna?}

“Because you wont be needing any.  If Im going to pamper you, Im going to go all out in doing so.  To start out Im going to feed you.  Now sit and sayaaahhh.”

Tamamo sat down and said aaahhh and I picked up some fried tofu with the chopsticks and fed it to her.  Once she was done with that piece she started to speak.

{This is even better than the last thing you cooked for me Luna.}

“I would hope so, I managed to get the cooking skill to level nine.  If this isnt good, Ill have failed as a chef.”

I placed another piece in her mouth and we continued doing this for a bit.  I never knew just how much Tamamo liked fried tofu because she ate all of it.  Once this was done, I decided to move onto the next thing.

“Now I will move onto brushing your tails.  I managed to find a very nice scented oil that will also give your tails a glossy sheen.  Perfect for you to show that your tails are just as beautiful as the rest of you.”

I pulled out the bottle of oil and applied it to Tamamos first tail, the smell of warm vanilla started spreading around.

{How did you know I love this smell, Luna?  I dont think I ever mentioned it.}

“Fufufufu.  All I had to do is ask Atmos through Grey.  She told me a few things that you liked, so I wanted to prepare them.  Unfortunately, this scented oil was the only thing I could find before tonight, but its a start.”

{Then tell me things you like, and Ill prepare them for next time.}

“But you already have.  Youre right here and Im still holding onto the coffee from that time.  The only other thing I would want, I need to make for myself.  The best I can do with it right now is make an illusion of it, which Ill need your help with later tonight.”

Although she was facing away from me, I could see her blushing from my words.

{Thats no fair, Luna.  Youre making it hard for me to find ways to make you as happy as me.}

“But you just existing make me so happy I can barely contain myself.”

She quickly turned around as I said this and gave me a deep kiss that lasted for several minutes.

“Now now, there will be time for that later Tamamo, I need to finish brushing your tails first.”

{Ufufufu.  Its fine, you can consider that as you also pampering me.}

I smiled in reply and went back to her tails.  This took about two hours to finish.

Once I was done, I stood up and went over to the couch we always sat on when I was here.

“Come and lay down Tamamo.  Its my turn to give you a lap pillow.”

{Dont mind if I do.}

She laid down and put her head on my lap.  I started running my fingers through her hair and she started to let out a purring sound.

“Fufufufu.  You sound more like a cat than a fox right now.”

{Ufufufu.  Foxes also purr Luna.  You do so quite a bit when youre asleep.}

“I didnt know that.  Anyway, will you lend me your mana?  Its time to give you a glimpse of the future.”

{Take as much as you want.}

She started to pour her mana into me, and I was overcome with a warm, pleasant feeling.  I pointed up to the sky and it exploded into innumerable sparkling stars.

“This is the thing I will bring with me, Tamamo.  Your moon will never again be lonely in the night sky.”

I looked down to see her reaction and saw her eyes wide and tears running down her face.

{Its so beautiful Luna.  I cant think of any other words to describe it.}

“Beautiful is enough.”

Tamamo continued to look up into the sky while I continued to watch her.  We spent a lot of time doing this, but I wanted to continue pampering Tamamo.  It was an addicting feeling.

“While I would like to make a bath and wash your back, I dont think we have the time for that, so how about we do something else.  Do you have any requests?”

{I request that you kiss me until you are forced to leave.}

I didnt say anything and leaned in to kiss her.  I stole her lips and we remained locked in each others embrace until my body started to shine.  As I was moving my head away from her, I got a strange urge and acted on it.  Instead of sitting straight up, I move my head to the top of Tamamos and took a playful bite on her ear.

{Mikon!} She exclaimed in surprise.

“Fufufufufufufufufufufufu!  That is the price you pay for asking me to pamper you so much, Tamamo.”

{Very well, Luna.  Ill have my revenge next time then.}

“Im looking forward to it.”

My vision faded and I found myself back in Nias villa.

“I believe that went well.”

Author ’s Note:

I can ’t tell if it ’s hot in here in the sea of sugar because of the 90ºF weather, or Luna and Tamamo ’s flirting.

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