I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Chapter 60- Plans for the Near Future

[Luna POV]

Nia led us through the gates and to a smallish building that housed a space magic circle.  We stood in the center of the circle and before we knew it, we were standing is a room in the castle.

“Ill show the both of you to my villa, while I would say make yourselves at home, well have to hold off on that.” (Nia)

“Why?” (Luna)

“Were going to have a meeting with my brother regarding the execution of those two.  In that meeting, were going to have to explain some of your secrets to him as well, Luna.” (Nia)

“I can understand discussing the execution, but why do we need to talk about Lunas secrets?” (Velvet)

“When those two were first cursed, the descriptions of those curses stated that those two were to be executed by the Moon Goddesss partner.  Since I brought the two of you here to stay with me after going to the guild today, hell put the two together and figure it out himself.  It would be in our best interest to explain to him how to treat Luna before he gets carried away and gives her the royal treatment and exposing her secret to everyone.” (Nia)

When we got to Nias villa, there were several people waiting in greeting including the butler we met earlier.

“Welcome back Princess Nia.  Welcome, Lady Luna, Lady Velvet, please enjoy your time here.  Princess, your brother has already arrived and is waiting for you and your guests.”

“Thank you, Bas.  Please, lead the way.”

“Of course.”

We followed the Bas to a reception room where he proceeded to knock on the door to alert its resident of our arrival.  After a few seconds, Bas opened the door and Nia entered followed by me and Velvet.

The person waiting for us was Nias brother and the current king, Drome.  He was wearing fancy clothes and a black mantle with gold trimmings.  He had the same silver hair and blue eyes as Nia, and he gave off a dignified presence that was fit for a ruler.

Before anyone spoke, King Drome glanced at Bas, and he exited the room while closing the door.  When the door fully closed, a magic tool activated that I assumed was to make it so no sound left the room.

“Welcome back, Nia.  Were those two problems taken care of?” (Drome)

“They were.” (Nia)

“Then of the two people with you, which one is the Moon Goddesss partner?” (Drome)

Instead of answering, Nia just moved to the side a bit and I stepped forward.

“Its a pleasure to meet you, King Drome.  I am Luna Reed, the daughter of Deacon and Amagi Reed of the Beast Kingdom Savanna, adventurer, and Moon Goddess Tamamos future wife.” (Luna)

“The pleasure is mine, Lady Luna.  While we are doing introduction, can I ask who the other one is?” (Drome)

“I am Velvet, though as a ruler of a country youll be more familiar with my clans name of Belmont.” (Velvet)

“A Belmont, eh?  I am Drome de Celestia, the current king of the Celestia Kingdom.” (Drome)

After our introductions were over Nia, Velvet, and I sat down across from Drome.  We sat in silence for a second until Nia broke the silence.

“Brother, aside from meeting Luna and getting the details of the execution, is there anything else you need?” (Nia)

“Not really, though I have a feeling there are some things youll want to discuss with me in regards to Lady Luna here.” (Drome)

“Thats true, but well discuss the execution first.” (Nia)

“Fine then.  First, I would like to thank you, Lady Luna, for getting rid of them.  Though they were guarded by the grand master and the guild, Im relieved that I no longer have to worry about the worst-case scenario of them breaking out and causing havoc.  Second, I would like the specifics of how they died, though they troubled Nia a lot more than they did me many years ago, they still troubled me a bit as well.  Call it my morbid curiosity.” (Drome)

“I killed them in what I consider the most fitting way for narcissists like them, quickly in the basement.  I killed Shin first due to reasons, but Sara learned that no one remembers their names or faces so they died in obscurity.” (Luna)

“Heh.  Serves them right, though Im interested to know the reasons for killing Shin first, I wont pry.” (Drome)

“Thank you for that, just remembering it make me angry.” (Luna)

{You know I would never even give that offer any consideration in the first place, right?}

‘I know, what made me angry was that he even made the suggestion.  Im the only one who can have you.

{Ufufufu.  And youre also all for me.}

“With that out of the way, what would you like to discuss about Lady Luna?” (Drome)

“My identity, I dont want it to spread that Im Tamamos partner yet.  Itll cause a lot of problems for me if that information gets out.  Especially, if a certain vampire in the Demon Empire were to find out.” (Luna)

“What do you mean by that last part, Luna?” (Nia)

“Apparently, one of the big shot vampires in the Demon Empire has deluded himself into thinking Tamamo loves him, though Velvet might be privy to more details about that than I am.  I just know that once I get several more tails, Im going to go over there and break his delusions in a less than civil way.” (Luna)

“Unfortunately, the only things I know about him is that his name is Beryl and that he is one of the more ancient vampires.” (Velvet)

“You can ask the demon general about him soon since there will be a gathering of generals soon.” (Drome)

“What are they meeting for?  I knew it was happening since my dad was joining in, but I never asked what it was about.” (Luna)

“Its an annual meeting they have.  Well, its more a drinking party than a meeting, but they come here every year since my kingdom is in the center of the continent.  They normally drink and discuss joint trainings and other things.” (Drome)

“Do we need to tell them about the execution, brother?” (Nia)

“Maybe, but Ill leave that decision to you and Lady Luna since you two are more connected to that than I am.” (Drome)

“Ill discuss this with my dad when he gets here, but Id prefer to keep it between us.” (Luna)

“Well, I must take my leave or else the paperwork I have to do will overflow out of my office.” (Drome)

“One last thing before you go brother.  Since Luna will become a goddess in the future, she is considering blessing the shrine that is being built, right Luna?” (Nia)

“I am.  While Im not completely sure of it, I have a feeling that Atmos has a hand in this, and I might as well go along with it since I see no reason not to.” (Luna)

“Truly!?  Then this is a day for celebration!  I wont have to sort through all of those complaints from the more religious nobles anymore.”  (Drome)

“While I will bless the shrine, its still going to take time for me to reach that point, so please hold out for a few more years.” (Luna)

“Its enough to know that you will do that one day.” (Drome)

After saying that, King Drome left and the three of us were left in the room.

“The two of you handled meeting a king very well.” (Nia)

“Well, I usually talk with a goddess everyday and have met two other gods as well, so I see no reason to get nervous meeting someone in a kingly position.  Not to mention that he is a part of my family through you Nia.” (Luna)

“I have met the king of Savanna once with my mother before, so I have some experience.” (Velvet)

“That makes sense.  Now, Ill have Bas get some people to prepare some rooms for the two of you.  You can stay there, or we can chat until Rex finishes his work for the day, then we can catch up on all the things that youve done Luna.” (Nia)

“Id like to take a look around the capital by myself for a bit, so you can stay and talk with your relatives, Luna.” (Velvet)

“If youre going to be doing that, take this and show it to the gate guards.  Theyll let you back in and help you make your way back here.” Nia said as she handed Velvet a badge with the crest of the royal family on it.

“Thank you.”

Velvet took the badge and left the room.

“She is very conscientious.”

“Yeah, though I feel like shes been less talkative lately.”

{Thats because she hasnt gotten enough blood recently.  I think thats the biggest reason.}

‘Thats worrying, do I need to go with her?

{No, I dont think she wants you to see her drink blood.  There are a few vampires that act a bit drunk when they dink it, and Velvet is one of those.}

‘Wouldnt that mean I really should go with her?

{Shell be fine, every country has places called vampire dens that are used for cases like this.}

‘Ok then.

Author ’s Note:

Here is a chapter fresh from my sleepy brain.  As my finals are this week, there probably won ’t be any more chapters until this weekend, so please don ’t bring out the torches and pitchforks if I don ’t release anything until then.  Thanks for reading.

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