I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Chapter 48- The Long Awaited Date

[Luna POV]

I slept the night away and woke up early.  I headed over to the training grounds where dad was waiting.

“Youre early Luna.”

“I thought I should show up before the others.  I could have traumatized whatever his name was, so I thought I should be here first and get our training over with.”

“I told everyone to take today off actually, were going to be training in fox form all day.”

“Training how?”

“You have the skills, but you havent tried using your short sword or a dagger in that form, right?”

“I havent really used that form much.”

“Good, then youll be a blank slate.  Now, transform and well begin.”

I did as he said and used the fox transformation skill.  My line of sight got shorter as my body shrunk and I pulled out my short sword from my inventory.  It clattered to the ground in front of me and I picked it up with my mouth.

“This tastes gross.”


“You just have to get used to it.”


I turned around to see a wolf-sized orange-red fox behind me.

“So, will this form of mine ever grow as big as you, dad?”


“Yeah, eventually.  Though in your case, you might be even bigger a few hundred years from now.”


“This make me wonder how big Tamamos fox form is.”


{I can show you tomorrow if you want.}


“If you dont mind.”


“She agreed?”




“Now, watch what I do and copy me, these will be the basics.  Once you get used to these, then you can figure out your own style.”


“This seems more complicated than how you used to teach me.”


“Thats because I didnt have much to teach you besides actual combat skill last time.”


After saying this, he returned his attention back to showing me the basics.  If I had to describe how he moved, I could only say that he reminded me of a certain Great Grey Wolf.

After watching a bit more, I started copying what he was doing.  I think it was because of my skill level and short sword Master title that I easily memorized what to do.  I then started adding extra swings and jumps in my actions.  I also decided to try blinking around using space magic and incorporated it into the patterns.

“I guess I shouldnt have given everyone the day off.”


“This is just practice; we havent fought yet.”




“Also, will you help me out after this.  I got my space magic to level 10 and Ive been thinking of some things in order to develop a new defensive spell.”


“So you finally maxed out space magic.”


“Healing magic too.  Doing that, along with all my other magic being maxed gave me the Sage title.”


“Guess this means you need to be even more careful if you ever decide to visit the country of elves.”


“I already got the lecture from Velvet; I dont need to hear it again.”


“I will tell you again to make sure it sticks.  The elves are always looking for sages, Luna.  If they find out, they will try to contain you.”


“All of them?”


“No, just a few of the most important ones.  Especially the court mages in that country, they are magic fanatics.”


“You would think that they would have figured out how to become sages by now.  I mean, they have like, the third longest lifespans of mortal creatures, fourth if you count dragons.”


“Its that reason that they dont train their skills to max level.  They know they live long lives, so why do this when they can do it a few years from now.  Thats how some of them justify themselves.  Others, like General Lia, are less complacent.”


“I know from what you say about her that she is amazing at archery, but what about her magic skills?”


“She is a Spirit Mage, so she uses spirits to use magic.  She didnt use much magic in the Fiendlands due to the lack of spirits there.”


“I still want to compete with her in archery.”


“You just wont let that go, will you?”




After our conversation, we squared up and began the mock battles.  We fought over and over again until lunchtime came around.  Out of about 50 bouts; dad won 45 and lost the rest.  We were currently resting in the shade of a tree not far from the training grounds.  I brought out some food that was in my storage from who knows when and we ate while discussing how the morning went.

“You always surprise me on how fast you learn when fighting, Luna.”

“I still only beat you five times.”

“Its all about experience, Ive been fighting a lot longer than you have, so its only natural.”

We continued our lunch when mom came up to us.

“Hello you two.”

“Hey mom, this is rare.”

“Even I want a break from paperwork and shrine duties every once in a while, and today is a nice day.”

“Thats true.”

“I wonder what its like in other countries.  Here we dont really have seasons, its mostly just like spring year-round.”

“I think that Celestia Kingdom will start their harvest season about now.”

“Ive heard some merchants saying that this year they have had really good luck with wheat this year.”

“I guess the Goddess of Wheat was generous with her blessings.”

‘Hey Tamamo, does the Goddess of Wheat have any other Authorities?

{She is also the Goddess of Economics.}

‘Is she also a wolf?

{She is, why?}

‘No reason.  I should bring some apples if I ever meet her.

{You even know her favorite food?}

‘I guess that novel series was based off her then.

{Something from your previous world?}

‘Yeah, one of my favorite novels had a character based off a wolf who lived in wheat and went on a journey with a traveling merchant.  I just wish I could have finished reading it to the end.


I finished my food and started to doze off.

“This is such a nice spot for a nap.”

“I thought you wanted to try making a new space magic spell?”

“I do, but at the moment… I want … to…”

“Fufufu.  Why dont we join her?  This spot is quite nice.”

“Eh, why not.”

It was the middle of the afternoon when I woke back up.  I looked at my side to see my parents fast asleep.

‘Guess we all decided to take a nap.

I decided not to wake them up, so I moved a bit away and tried to figure out what to do.

‘I cant practice that spell without at least one other person so what should I do?

{Why not try using the max level space magic that weve talked about before?}


{Sit down and clear your mind, Luna.  Close your eyes, spread out your mana and imbue it with the space magic.}

I did as Tamamo said.  It was difficult at first but after a bit, I started to get a feeling for it.  Once I got the hang of spreading my mana out, I started to use my space magic.  I could see everything around me in every direction.  All of the information coming into my mind at the same time gave me a migraine, so I stopped the spell.

‘Uuuuuuuggggggghhhhh.  My head.



{New skill?}

‘Parallel processing.


‘Maybe with this skill, I can talk with you all the time and be able to watch where Im going.

{I feel strangely conflicted about that.}

‘Oh.  Are you saying you want to occupy all of my mind?



“Amagi, shes ignoring everything again.”

“I know, Deacon.  Just keep trying to snap her out of it.”


“Eh, what happened?”

“Good, you snapped out of it.”

“How long have the two of you been awake?”

“About 30 minutes.  We woke up around the time you started spreading out your mana.  Just what were you trying to do?”

“Use the highest level space magic spell.  I need to keep going with it later, using it for a second gave me a migraine.”

“You finally maxed out your space magic?”

“And healing, mom.”

“She also got the Sage title.”

“Did you warn her about going to the country of elves?”

“I did, it seems like Miss Velvet did as well.”

“Good, then I dont need to lecture you about it.”

I let out a sigh of relief.

“Are you still up for practicing making that spell?”

“Nah, my head is killing me.  We can do that tomorrow, no, the next day.”

“Why not tomorrow?”

“Its the full moon tomorrow and I need to prepare for it.”

“Prepare for what?”

“Me and Tamamo are going to have a date.”


Moms ears perked up at hearing my words.

“Luna, come with me, Ill help you plan it out.”

I was then dragged away by mom.

“Just dont flub it, Luna.”

Author ’s Note:

I realized something while writing this chapter.  When Luna ascends, she will be the closest this world has to an all-seeing god with her Authority over space.  I also realized that her skillset makes her a really good ninja, which was never my aim but now that I ’ve realized this, I wonder what I can do with it.  Thanks for reading.

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