[Velvet POV]

As I was carrying Luna to the guild masters room, I thought back on what just happened.

‘I know Luna hates other people touching her tail, but what happened earlier wasnt like her at all.  From the brief glimpse I got of her face it seemed like she lost complete control of her emotions.

When we arrived on the fourth floor, the guild master spoke to me.

“I assume you are a member of Miss Lunas party.”

“I am, my name is Velvet.  I sincerely apologize for what just happened.”

“While I wont say its OK, there seems to be more to what happened than I originally thought.  For now, our only option is to wait for Miss Luna to wake up and hear the details of what happened from her side.  Is that all right with you, Baron Du-Fis?”  The guild master asked, turning to the Baron beside him.

“Its fine, I might have a rough idea of what happened, but its best to hear it straight from the source.”

After the Baron said this, we entered the guild masters office.  I laid Luna down on one of the couches and sat next to her.  The guild master and Baron sat across from me.  It was then that the Goddess spoke to me.

{While Ill forgive you for knocking Luna out, will you tell me the reason for stopping her?}

‘Goddess, with all due respect, if Luna went any farther, it would cause major problems for her.  You might not understand this being a goddess and all, but in the mortal world, decent people cant just go around killing others for slights like this.  I can completely understand the urge to do what Luna was about to, but if she followed through with it, it would have ruined her reputation and could possibly have even worse repercussions. I said.

{I see, while I personally think it would have been fine, if it would cause Luna any trouble in the future, Im thankful for you stopping her.}

‘By the way Goddess, do you know why Luna started acting like that?  I understand the whole getting angry for someone touching her tail, but that wasnt simple anger.  It was like her emotions went out of control. I asked, my worry evident.

{I do know what happened, but Ill let Luna explain, she is about to wake up.  And before you ask, yes, she has calmed down completely.  Now, I have to go, the Goddess of Fate is visiting, and I have to keep her entertained.}

After the Goddess stopped talking to me, I heard Luna start to wake up.

[Luna POV]

I feel a dull pain on the back of my head.  I can tell Im laying down, but I dont know what happened.  The last thing I remember was someone pulling on my tail and my vision going red.

I opened my eyes to an unfamiliar ceiling.

“Ugh, what happened?” I said.

I looked to see where I was and noticed Velvet, Vince the guild master, and an unknown wolf beastman staring at me.

“It seems you have woken up, Miss Luna.  While you might still be a bit dazed, I need to know what happened and why you caused such a ruckus downstairs.” The guild master said, a strained look on his face.

“I sincerely apologize, Im not entirely sure myself, I remember someone coming up and grabbing my tail, something in my status changing, and my vision going red.  After that nothing until I woke up here.” I said as I put my hand on the back of my head and feeling a large welp.  I started casting healing magic on it when Velvet started to explain what happened.

“After that person grabbed your tail, you started to unleash a large amount of killing intent and your mist started to come out.  I yelled for everyone to get to safety and ran out of the door.  I came back in when I felt the cold lessen a bit, you were about to kill the person who touched you, so I ran up and knocked you out.” She said.  “As for the person who grabbed you, you froze most of his arm and it was shattered.”

After hearing that, I didnt know what to think or what I should do.  Do I leave that person alone for daring to touch me, or do I heal them as recompense for my overreaction?  As I was stuck thinking over this dilemma, the unknown wolf beastman spoke while bowing his head.

“Before we continue with this conversation, I should introduce myself.  I am Baron Steven Du-Fis.  I apologize on the name of the Du-Fis family about my stupid younger brothers actions, Lady Luna Reed.”

“Please raise your head, Baron Du-Fis, I should also apologize for going overboard with my actions.” I said bowing my head in return.

“Think nothing of it.  That idiot brother of mine has had it coming for some time.  He always acts out like that, and I could do nothing about it.  Losing an arm should serve as a reminder to him that he cant just do what he wants.” He said.

“Miss Luna, you said earlier that something changed in your status, could you tell us what it was?” The guild master asked.

“Let me check.”

I opened my status to see several messages.


“It seems that one of my skills reached level 10 and became a curse, but due to a unique skill the curse was nullified.  As an aftereffect of the curse nullification, my emotions were heightened and became unstable.” I explained.  “It seems your brother just so happened to do something that caused me to get angry at the wrong time, Baron Du-Fis.”

“What was the skill that turned into a curse?  If there was a skill like that, then the guild needs to be informed of it so that we can find others with it and stop them from using it.” Said the guild master.

“It was the Charm skill, but I dont think we need to worry about anyone else having it.” I said, trying to placate the guild master.

“And why is that?” He asked.

“I cant say.” I replied.

The guild master looked into my eyes before backing down, his face still showing a bit of worry.  Just as he was about to say something, a knock sounded at the door.

“Lord Du-Fis, guild master Vince, we have brought the last concerned party as requested.” Said a voice from behind the door.

“Come in.” Replied the guild master.

When the door opened, two knights stepped in carrying a fat wolf beastman by the arms, or at least they were trying to since one of them was missing from just above the elbow.  When I saw the fat wolf, I started to get angry again, but calmed myself down before I went out of control again.

When the fat wolf saw me, his face grew red with anger, and he started yelling.

“You damn fox!  Look what you did to this great me!  You better be prepared to face the wrath of the Du-Fis family!  Ill make sure you and everyone important to you suffer for this!”

Before he could continue his tirade, the Baron stood up and slapped the fat wolf across the face.

“Shut up, you idiot!  Dont you realize that you are the one in the wrong this time!?  How many times have I told you to stop walking up to people and harassing them!?  Do you have any idea how much shame you bring to our family name!?  This time you have suffered the consequences of your actions, and this is how you respond!?”

“Brother what are you talking about?  We are nobles, we should be free to do what we want.  Commoners like that damn fox over there should be grateful that we deign to even speak to them!”

“I said shut up, idiot!  I dont know how you got the idea that nobles are supposed to act like that, but you are wrong!  Also, for your information, that person is the daughter of a Marquis, and she had every right to do what she did.”

After hearing that, the fat wolfs face paled as he looked over to me.  When he looked into my eyes, he started to tremble.  It was then that Baron Du-Fis asked me;

“Lady Reed, is there anything more you would like to do or anything to say?”

“No, I think the loss of his arm is sufficient.  It should serve as a reminder of his blunder.”

“I thank you for your consideration.  You two, take my brother to our lodgings while we finish our discussions here.”

“Yes, milord.” The both of them said.

As the two knights walked over to get the fat wolf, I noticed that one of them could barley use his left hand.  I remembered what Velvet said earlier about how I was using my mist to bring the temperature down in the guild and thought that this knight might have suffered from my rampage as well.

“Sir knight, before you go may I take a look at your left hand?” I asked.

The knight looked over to the Baron and he nodded his head.  The knight removed his gauntlet and I saw he was suffering from severe frostbite.  A feeling of guilt welled up in my chest.  I couldnt care less about the fat wolf, but I felt bad about dragging others into my outburst.

“It seems that I have caused trouble for you, Sir knight.  As an apology I will heal you.” I said as I touched the knights hand and used my healing magic.

“Thank you, Lady Reed.” Said the Baron.

“It was nothing, Lord Du-Fis.  If anything, this was the least I could do for dragging unrelated people into a mess that I was involved in.”

After the knights left with the fat wolf, we continued our discussion on how to handle the aftermath of the situation.  Though the problem with the Baron was settled as his brothers screw up, I still needed to face repercussions for disrupting the guilds business.

“Since this is mostly due to several factors involving a skill, the guild cant give heavy punishment, but something still needs to be done, I hope you understand this, Miss Luna.” Said the guild master.

“I do understand, guild master. What did you have in mind?”

“I can either have you not accept quests for two weeks or allow you to do quests but have the guild keep the rewards you would have earned.”

“What do you think, Velvet?”

“Hmmm.  Id choose the first option.  You dont earn rewards in either choice, but I want to keep an eye on you incase that aftereffect is still affecting you.” She said.

“Then there is your answer, guild master.” I said, turning back to face the other person.

“Then form now until two weeks have passed, you are not allowed to take quests from the guild.  If this is all, I suggest you head to your lodgings and wait for the time to pass.”

“Ill do just that.  Velvet, before you leave, will you report what we encountered this afternoon since you have this chance?” I asked as I stood up to leave.


After hearing her reply, I left the room and headed to the Foxs Mirror.

Author ’s Note:

I have returned.  I apologize for taking so long to get this chapter out.  I was in the middle of writing it when I lost power due to a storm.  I hope you all enjoy the chapter, thanks for reading.

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