I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Side Chapter 16- Tamamo the Ten-Tailed Goddess

[Luna POV]

When we left the mansion and Mio saw outside, her eyes widened in awe.

“Wow nya.  This place is beautiful nya.” (Mio)

“Fufufu.  You havent seen anything yet.” (Luna)

“Nyahahahaha.  Oooh, whats that?” (Mio)

Mio started running towards the pyramid behind the mansion.  Once she got to it, she started running up to the top, two stairs at a time.  By the time she reached the top, I was there waiting for her.

“Nya?” (Mio)

“If you waited, I would have teleported you here as well.” (Luna)

“Sorry nya.  I couldnt control myself nya.” (Mio)

“Fufu.  Its fine.” (Luna)

I moved over a bit to let Mio get a good view of everything.

“This is amazing nya.  Ive never been this high up before.  I can see so far nya.” (Mio)

She turned in a circle to get a look at everything, but stopped when she saw a tall tree with strange leaves.

“Whats that nya?” (Mio)

“My lunar sakura, or maybe I should call it a stellar sakura.  What do you think Tamamo?” (Luna)

{I think you can use both.  Its technically a lunar sakura, but with the leaves like they are, you can call it a stellar sakura as well, though only people close to you will understand what that means.}

“Then Ill use them interchangeably.” (Luna)

“Lunya, can we go and see that next nya?” (Mio)

“That was the plan.” (Luna)

She then went back to looking at the scenery from the top of the pyramid for a few more minutes before we moved on.  Instead of teleporting us to the tree, I teleported us back to the entrance of the mansion.

“Oh, the two of you are back.” (Velvet)

“Yeah, were going to move in the direction of the tree now, anyone else coming?” (Luna)

“Ill come, master.” (Ophidia)

“Ill pass.” (Velvet)

“Ill stay with Velvet.” (Soleil)

“Ok, just dont get too carried away with each other.” (Luna)

“We werent going to do that, big sis.  Its not the time yet.” (Soleil)

“Fufufu.  Yet?” (Luna)

“Gah!” (Soleil)

“Fu.  Fufu.  Fuahahahahahahaha.  This is nice, I hardly ever get to tease you so much.” (Luna)

Soleil punched me in the shoulder then ran off into the mansion while her face was redder than a tomato.  As we all watched this, I saw Velvet disappearing into the shadows out of the corner of my eye.

“Since when could you do that, Velvet?” (Luna)

“Since we finished the dungeon.  Now, if you excuse me, I have to go calm Soleil down.” (Velvet)

As she finished saying that, she completely disappeared.

“Can you do that as well, Mio?” (Ophidia)

“I can, but it feels weird, so I dont like it much.  Though it does make for a good way to get out of a sticky situation nya.” (Mio)

“Anyway, lets go.” (Luna)

We started to make our way in the direction of the tree while letting Mio look around as much as she wanted.  Just like the curious cat that she was, she got distracted by every little thing.

“Fufufu.  Your epithet should have bee the curious instead of the shadow.” (Luna)

“Nya.” (Mio)

“What?” (Luna)

“Its shadow nya, nya.  Thenya is important nya.” (Mio)

“Sorry.” (Luna)

“Its fine nya.  I can understand why you wouldnt realize it nya.” (Mio)

As we were having this discussion, we made it to the tree.

“Nyaaaaaa.  Its massive nya.” Mio said as she looked up until she fell on her back.  “And the leaves are so sparkly.”

“In my opinion, it looks better at night.” (Luna)

“Can we come and see it again at that time as well nya?” (Mio)

“Sure.  We can even have you become Tamamos Apostle here.  Itd be thematic and stuff.” (Luna)

“Yay nya.” (Mio)

The three of us sat sown under the tree for a little while and enjoyed the perfect mix of shade and light.

“*Yawn*  I could take a nap like this nya.” (Mio)

“I agree.” (Ophidia)

“Fufufu.  Dont sleep now, we still have a little bit of island left to explore.” (Luna)

“Only a little nya?  We havent even gone over half of it from what I saw at the top of the pyramid nya.” (Mio)

“Thats because that part of the island is reserved for the wyverns that are still alive.  Speaking of them, I need to figure out what to do with them, they cant stay locked up in there for forever.” (Luna)

{Why not let Grey help you out?}

‘What do you mean, Tamamo?

{Grey is good friends with the goddess of taming.  Ask him about it, and maybe she can take them off of your hands for a while.  At least until you can figure out something else.}

‘Sounds like a good idea.  Ill ask him through a letter later.

When I was done with my conversation with Tamamo, I brought my attention back to the others and saw that Mio was climbing up the tree.

“I stop paying attention for a minute and this happens.” (Luna)

By the time Mio was reaching the branch she was climbing to, I greeted her.

“So, why are you climbing my tree?” (Luna)

“Funya!” (Mio)

It seems I accidentally spooked her, resulting in her starting to fall, but I managed to catch her.

“Thanks, Lunya.” (Mio)

I pulled her up all the way and she sat down next to me.

“Again, why are you climbing my tree?” (Luna)

“Because I like high places nya.  Its instinctual nya.” (Mio)

“Makes sense.” (Luna)

“Ive said this before, but Im sooo happy I met you all nya.  If I didnt, I would probably still be sleeping on the counter in Onigashima nya.” (Mio)

“Come to think of it, why were you always sleeping there?” (Luna)

“No reason in particular nya.  I just liked that spot nya.” (Mio)

It was then that Ophidia joined us on the branch.

“I fall asleep for a few minutes and when I wake up, I find the two of you up here.  Howd that happen?” (Ophidia)

“Nyahahahahahahahaha!” (Mio)

“I thought the exact same thing when I saw Mio climbing up here.” (Luna)

“Hey Ophidia, I know you were asked earlier nya, but was teleporting up here any different now that you are an Apostle nya?” (Mio)

“Hmm.  It felt…easier?” (Ophidia)

“I dont get it nya.” (Mio)

“Think of it this way.  Teleporting used to feel like stepping through a thin film of water.  Now, it doesnt feel like that.” (Ophidia)

“Oooooh.  I get it a little now nya.” (Mio)

“Weird, it never felt like that to me.  The only times I ever felt that way was when I teleported through a particularly strong barrier.” (Luna)

“I just said that to help make a clearer image master.” (Ophidia)

“Oh.” (Luna)

We sat in the branches of the tree for a little while longer while chatting about stuff.  We then went back to the ground and continued to go around the island.  Once it was close to night, we went back to the tree, only this time Velvet and Soleil joined us.  By the time the moon started to rise, we were all standing under the tree.  I had my mirror out and it was floating in front of all of us.

{Are you ready Mio?}

“Yes, Goddess nya.” (Mio)

Tamamo smiled and then I felt her mana fill the area.

{Mio, do you swear to serve me for eternity as my Apostle?}

“Yes nya.” (Mio)

{Do you swear to be my voice in the mortal world?}

“Yes nya.” (Mio)

{Do you swear to take up arms in the event of a threat that requires me to descend and fight by my side?}

“Yes nya.” (Mio)

{Then, I deem you, Mio the Shadow Nya, Apostle of Night}

When Tamamos words were finished, all of her mana that was in the area went towards Mio and she started to glow.  Shortly after that happened, the glow went away and Mio stood up.

“It doesnt feel like anything changed nya.” (Mio)

{Again, that means everything went well.  If you felt something off, then that would be bad.}

“I just thought I would feel stronger or something nya.” (Mio)

{Youll notice any changes in due time.  Especially since youll be receiving a blessing tonight as well, though its from a different goddess.}

“Thats allowed nya?” (Mio)

{Yes.  Why wouldnt it be?}

“Not sure nya.” (Mio)

“Well, now that this is over, look up.” (Luna)

Everyone including Tamamo looked up at the leaves of my tree and Ophidia and Mio gasped.

“Thats beautiful nya.” (Mio)

“It kind of looks like what you want to do with the sky, master.” (Ophidia)

“Indeed it does.  Me and Soleil were surprised by this that time.” (Velvet)

“I even tried to use stellar magic, but nothing happened.” (Soleil)

We all stood there looking at the tree for a bit when we decided to go back and go to sleep.  When we arrived at the mansion, we all went to our respective rooms.  I laid on my bed and started to talk with Tamamo for a bit when I felt someone arrive through some weird feeling space magic.

“Must be Tonya.”

{Probably.  I wonder why she gives that blessing that way?}

“You know how she is.  Its best not to question it.”


Chaos Realm:

Atmos: Hahahahahaha.  Whoever made this really got Holo ’s personality down to the letter.

Grey: I know right.  I wonder if we should show her this one day.

Atmos: We should.

Tamamo: Hey everyone.

Hello Tamamo.

Atmos: Hey Tama-what ’s wrong?

Tamamo: I ’ve been feeling a bit off the last few days.

Atmos: That ’s not good.

Grey: Should we tell Luna?

Tamamo: No, I ’ve felt this way before.  It ’s no big deal.

When was this?

Tamamo: Just before I got a new tail.  It was like this every single time.

I thought you would stop at nine tails.

Tamamo: I did as well.

Grey: Though it holds very little relevance here, there is one 10-tailed kitsune in Japanese mythology.

Then I guess 10 is the max.

Atmos: Guess so.

Tamamo: I wonder if Luna will somehow get a 10th tail as well.

*Me and Atmos ’s eyes glowed a little brighter for a second*

I see what ’s going on now.  How interesting.

Atmos: Indeed.

Tamamo: What ’s up.

Don ’t worry about it, though I think I ’m going to have to tamper with Luna ’s status again.

Tamamo: When was the first time?

When I helped her get the Authority of Stars.

Tamamo: Oh.

Anyway, why don ’t you sit down and watch this with us.

Atmos: You really should, it ’s so interesting.

Tamamo: Don ’t mind if I do then.

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