[Luna POV]

I sat up in the bed and looked around.  My head felt a little fuzzy and I couldnt remember much of what happened.  I did remember a few things, but not in too much detail.

‘Lets see, I was brought to…somewhere and met up with most if the gods I know.  We watched…something and had a celebration after.  I remember the name Tonya and something to do with…Mordred?

{You ok, Luna?}

‘Yeah, just sorting out what I remember from whatever happened last night.  I kind of remember the important stuff, but all the details are really fuzzy.

{Yeah, I also remember some stuff, but not all the small details, though I do have a message to relay.}

‘Im listening.

{It was: I know your going to be confused when you wake up, so take my advice and dont dwell on it.  Youll remember everything again at some point, so just carry on with whatever you were doing.  Oh, and good luck with finding the stuff you want in the dungeon.}

‘Guess I should just accept this advice.

{Yeah, I dont remember who it was that gave me the message, but I know that they are trustworthy.}

While I was sitting there and talking with Tamamo about whatever happened, I started to hear stirring next to me.  I looked over and saw that Velvet was waking up.  When she sat up and looked around, she saw me and waved.

“Hello…Luna.” (Velvet)

“Morning.” (Luna)

She rubbed her eyes to get the sleep out of them and stretched.

“*Sigh*  So, what happened last night with you?” (Velvet)

“Not really too sure myself.  I know it was something important, but most of the memories are either gone or sealed.  I do know that Mordred is involved a bit, so we can ask her once we head back to Onigashima.  And before you ask, Tamamo is in the same situation as I am, so asking her wont give any more information than I can.” (Luna)

“I see.  Does it bother you that you cant remember?” (Velvet)

“A little, but Im not going to dwell on it.  There is probably a reason for it.” (Luna)

“Ok.  Lets wake everyone up and get started for the day then.” (Velvet)

“Alright.” I said as I got out of the bed.

I walked over and started shaking Ophidia awake.

“Huh?  Oh, its just you master.” (Ophidia)

“Its time to get up and get started.” (Luna)

“Right.” (Ophidia)

I left Ophidias side and called out to Mio.

“Mio, wake up.” (Luna)

“Funya!  Whats up!?” (Mio)

“Nothing, its just time to get up.” (Luna)

“Right nya.” (Mio)

They both got out of bed and started to get ready to go.  I looked over to Velvet and saw that she was shaking Soleil awake.

“*Sigh*  Why is she such a heavy sleeper at times like this?” (Velvet)

“At times like this, try blowing in her ear.” (Luna)

Velvet did as I said and blew into Soleil ear.  Soleil immediately jumped up and grabbed Velvet.

“Dont ever do that again!” (Soleil)

“Fufufu.  Calm down Soleil, you werent waking up, so I just told Velvet the surefire way to do so.” (Luna)

Soleil looked at me confused, then turned her attention to who she was holding in her arms.  She immediately released Velvet who stumbled back a bit.

“Sorry Velvet.” (Soleil)

“Its fine.  Luna, Ill get you for that.” (Velvet)

“Hey, its better than the last time I did that.” (Luna)

“Whats she do?” (Velvet)

“She broke my nose with a lucky punch.” (Luna)

Velvet was shocked by my words.

“You managed to hurt Luna that much?” (Velvet)

“Yeah, that was before she started leveling.” (Soleil)

“I find it hard to believe Luna was weak back then.” (Velvet)

“I only became ridiculous after I started leveling thank you very much.” (Luna)

“You realized you were ridiculous?” (Velvet)

“Have I ever claimed I didnt?” (Luna)

“…No.  No, you have not.” (Velvet)

“Nyahahaha.  Youre all so fun.” (Mio)

Soleil then got out of the bed and started getting ready as well.  Once everyone was done, we left the room and headed straight for the dungeon entrance.  As usual, the maps that I made were handed back to me at the door and we headed inside.  After we passed the wall of darkness, I teleported us to the last floor we were on.  Nothing was there when we got there, so we moved to the stairs to the next floor. 

Once we climbed all the way down, I immediately started making the map.  Most of this floor was a flat grassland type.  Due to the lack of rocks or hills, I could see relatively far.  I saw several of what looked to be bison, though they were about four times the size of the animal that I remember.

“Heh.  Those look kind of tasty, dont they?” (Ophidia)

“I agree.  Want to spend some time hunting as many as we can?” (Luna)

“Lets see who can kill more.  The winner gets the biggest piece of meat nya.” (Mio)

“Youre on.” (Luna)

Me, Ophidia, and Mio then rushed off to kill as many bison things as possible.  Since I still had my space magic going, I saw the stupefied expression on Velvets face and an amused smile on Soleils.  They then started running behind us to catch up.  Like that, we spent several hours hunting down bison things until the floor was pretty much empty.  Believe it or not, Ophidia was the one to win our little competition by four.

“Hahahahahahahahahahaha!” (Ophidia)

“Tch nya.  Stupid speedy snake.” (Mio)

“No fair, Ophidia.  Youre so much faster than us when you use your lamia form.” (Soleil)

“But master is faster than I am.” (Ophidia)

“Yeah, she is also strong enough to wipe everything on this floor out from the entrance, but she held back to give the rest of us a chance.” (Velvet)

“Hahahahahahaha!  Stop giving her a hard time, she just used what she could in order to win, the same as the rest of you.  Its not like any of you lost anything except the right to the biggest piece of meat.  And even then, its not like youre losing out on that front either.  I mean, look how big these things are, thesell give me about the same amount of meat as I have wyvern meat.  Sure, I have no idea how good theyll be, but I doubt itll be bad.” (Luna)

“Nyahahahahahahahaha!  Lunya is right.  It doesnt matter who won the competition, we all get to eat it anyway nya.  My mouth is watering just imagining it nya.” (Mio)

I hopped down from the mountain of corpses and put all of them away but one.

“Since we didnt really eat earlier and I think its close enough to be lunch maybe, Ill start making something with this, so help me dismantle it.” (Luna)

We all started taking apart the bison thing and I set up my portable kitchen.  Once the dismantling was complete, I started cooking pieces of the meat.  Even uncooked it looked amazing and some primal part of me wanted to just tear into it before it finished cooking.

{While not at the level of wyvern meat, just seeing you cook that makes me hungry.}

‘Ill send you some through a Gate later.

{Youre really abusing that ability, arent you?}

‘I can do it, so why would I not?

{Im not complaining.}

‘I know, its just a shame that I can only open something as big as a Gate and not just teleport there myself.

{Well take what we can get.}

I smiled at Tamamos words as I continued to cook the meat.  Once I was done with that, I sent some to Tamamo, then handed everyone else their portion.  When we all dug in, our faces melted in bliss.  If wyvern meat was could be considered high-quality wagyu, then this was one or two steps below it.

“Lunya, if this is this good, how good is your cooked wyvern meat nya?” (Mio)

“Better, by a small margin.” (Luna)

“Nya!  Im looking forward to trying it then nya.” (Mio)

“Alright, well eat that to celebrate finishing the dungeon.  Not to mention that I have to give some to Ibuki as well.” (Luna)

I looked over to the rest of the party and saw they were silently enjoying the meat.  Once we all finished and cleaned up, we headed for the stairs to the next floor.  We continued to blast through that floor and several more until we reached floor 30 where we decided to go back for the day.

Chaos Realm:

Atmos: Tamamo, can you please share some of that with me?

Tamamo: Fine, but only a little.

Atmos: Hooray!

Tamamo: It ’s so good.  I need to start practicing again or I ’ll never catch up to Luna ’s proficiency with cooking.

Although I ’m just a novice, I don ’t think you ’ll have to worry about that.  The two of you are already the best cooks out of everyone that comes here aside from Atmos, and she ’s only limited to cakes and maybe pies.

Atmos: Oooh.  I haven ’t tried making pies yet.  Are they just as throwable as cakes?

Some would say they are equal while others think pies are funnier.

Atmos: Interesting.

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