I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Chapter 150- The Ascension of Insanity

[Luna POV]

Over the next few days, we continued to go deeper into the dungeon.  The early floors were no challenge whatsoever since everything was weak even for Soleil.  Another factor that made it easy was my mapping that showed the location of everything on each floor.  We would quickly go to each area of interest and take anything of value.  When we ran into monsters we would let Soleil take care of them so she could gain levels.  At the current time, we were walking down the stairs to the 20th floor.

“Im surprised we havent run into any traps yet nya.” (Mio)

“Whyd you say that, now were definitely going to run into some.” (Luna)

“How do you know nya?” (Mio)

“Because thats how it works when people say something like that.” (Luna)

“Mio, at times like this, you should just nod your head like you agree with her.” (Velvet)

“Oooohhhh nya.” (Mio)

“Isnt that something youre supposed to try and let me not hear?” (Luna)

“Even if I whispered it, you would have heard me.” (Velvet)

“You do realize that I cant hear telepathy, right?” (Luna)

“Thats right, you cant.” (Velvet)

“How exactly do you see me, Velvet?  I cant be that bad, right?” (Luna)

“Luna, since the time I met you, you have basically broken every notion of common sense I have.  It wouldnt surprise me if you become omniscient at one point.” (Velvet)

“Why would I want that?  It would be so boring, not that I cant somewhat be like that already.” (Luna)

“Wait, you can nya!?” (Mio)

“What do you think the level 10 space magic is?  If it didnt give me a headache if I use it for too long, even with the help of another skill, I can basically see everything for as far as I can spread my mana.  And with infinite mana, I can spread it pretty far.” (Luna)

“Thats true, that magic is pretty interesting, its just the downside of too much information coming to you at the same time that makes it hard to use.” (Ophidia)

“Space magic is just ridiculous nya.” (Mio)

“All magic is ridiculous, you just think of space magic like that since its a rare affinity.” (Luna)

“Is that how it is?” (Soleil)

“Yeah, though things like time and creation magic are also rare, but I think thats for different reasons, but something as simple as fire magic can be just as ridiculous given the right time and knowledge.  If I was any better at studying or just remembering things from my past life, I could help all of us improve our magic to ridiculous levels.” (Luna)

“Could dad help with this as well?” (Soleil)

“Yeah, we learned the same things for most of our lives, so he should know about as much as I do or even more depending on what his hobbies were back then, though I dont know how much he can remember since its been so long since then.  Maybe I should track down Damien as well and pick his brain about some things.” (Luna)

“Isnt he the vampire obsessed pervert alchemist?” (Velvet)

“Yeah, but who knows, maybe he mellowed out by now.  Of course, he could have also somehow made himself immortal through alchemy and stayed the same, but I wouldnt know until we met again.” (Luna)

“Can you do that through alchemy nya?” (Mio)

“Probably.  It depends on the kind, but all I know of it is fiction from my previous life, so Im no expert on it.” (Luna)

“Your previous world is weird.” (Soleil)

“Ill agree with that.” (Luna)

When we finally reached the bottom of the stairs, saw a mountainous area.

“Well, this is going to be a pain to map.” (Luna)

I was about to sit down and start making the map when we all heard a loud screech somewhere in the distance.

“What was that?” (Ophidia)

“V-Velvet.  Im scared.” (Soleil)

We all turned to look at Soleil and her face was pale, and she was shivering so much it was visible.

{Luna, cast some healing magic on Soleil.}

I did as Tamamo said and Soleil calmed down.

‘Do you know what that was, Tamamo?

{No, believe it or not, Im not too knowledgeable about monsters to be able to tell what it was through the sound it makes, but I can tell that it can cause a fear effect in people from the way Soleil was acting.}

“Ugh.  I hate things that can use psychological attacks.” (Luna)

“Is that what it was?” (Velvet)

“Its what Tamamo said.  That screech had a fear effect in it.  The only reason it affected Soleil so much is probably because she has the lowest resistance of all of us.” (Luna)

“Master, calm down a little.” (Ophidia)

“What do you mean, Ophidia, I am calm.” (Luna)

“Youre not, youre covering the area in mist and its getting colder as we speak.” (Ophidia)

“Oh, sorry about that.” (Luna)

I sat back down and tried to calm down a little.  I pulled out my mapping equipment and started mapping.  While I was doing that, I was also searching for the creature that scared Soleil so much.  Eventually I found something that looked like a tall humanoid with an antlered skull for a head.  It had fresh blood dripping from its face and an eviscerated corpse of something in front of it.

“Well, thats horrifying.” (Luna)

“What is nya?” (Mio)

“Im not too sure, but I think I found the thing that screeched a few minuets ago.  Anyone heard of a wendigo?” (Luna)

“No.” (Velvet)

“Yes nya.  They are some of the more terrifying forest and mountain monsters a person can run in to nya.” (Mio)

“Have you ever fought one?” (Ophidia)

“No, but Ive seen one and it gave me nightmares for weeks nya.” (Mio)

“Can you get anything of value from them?” (Luna)

“No idea nya.” (Mio)

“Well, lets kill it then move on.  There isnt much of worth on this floor anyway.  You ready to move, Soleil?” (Luna)

“I think so, your magic helped a lot.” (Soleil)

“Good.  Velvet, take care of her.” (Luna)

“You dont have to ask me twice.” (Velvet)

We then made our way into the forest surrounding the mountains.  It was very dense and hard to move around in.  After a while, I could feel us being watched.  I told that to everyone using telepathy and we increased our vigilance.  Two hours later we entered the clearing that I saw the wendigo in earlier.  It was even bloodier than it was earlier.  The scent of blood was overpowering.

“This is disgusting nya.” (Mio)

“I agree.  Ive been alive for a long time, and Ive never seen something that kills like this.  This wasnt for food, but sport.” (Ophidia)

I looked over to see how Velvet and Soleil were doing and saw Soleil crouched over and throwing up her lunch.  Just then I heard movement in the surrounding forest, and it was fast.

“Velvet, do your best to cover Soleils ears.” (Luna)

She did as I said and covered her ears just as the wendigo screeched again.  It was so loud that it threatened to burst my eardrums.  Once it stopped, it immediately made a dash out of the forest and towards Soleil.  I froze the ground in front of it and it slipped.  Just before it regained its balance, it made eye-contact with me and I tried using illusion magic on it.  After a few minutes of lying there in silence, it started to twitch and squirm.

“This is what you deserve for scaring my sister you filthy mongrel.” (Luna)

I increased the intensity of the illusion it was seeing even more and shortly after it died.

“What did you do to it nya?” (Mio)

“Showed it some illusions.” (Luna)

“Illusions can do that?” (Mio)

“Yes.  I simply made them so real to it that when it died in the illusion, it died here as well.” (Luna)

“How is that simple nya?” (Mio)

“Because it just is, now lets go, I want to get off this floor as soon as possible.” (Luna)

We made our way through the forest again until we reached the mountain.  There we found a gateway and the stair to the next floor.  We started down them and onto the next floor.

Chaos Realm:

Grey: Just how bad was that illusion Luna made that it scared a wendigo to death?

Even I don ’t know, I just know it ’s a bad idea to use things like fear on Luna ’s family members.  Not that I would have in the first place.

Grey: I agree with that sentiment.

*Atmos then bursts into the room.*

Atmos: Payto, call Crate, Gear, and Quetz here, something big is happening soon.

Got it, I ’ll be back.

*I get up and leave the room to prepare for the big event that is happening soon*

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