[Luna POV]

The rest of the day continued to be as boring as the start, though when it came time for dinner, the royal family was surprised by getting to eat wyvern meat.  I think I even saw the king crying a little.  The next day I was hanging out with my party and Skadi.  I was sitting with Velvet and Soleil while Ophidia and Skadi were talking with each other.

“Hmmm.” (Luna)

I was staring at Velvet.

“What?” (Velvet)

“Something is weird about you.” (Luna)

“I-I dont know what youre talking about.” Velvet said in a nervous tone.

I stood up and moved closer to Velvet.

“Big sis, please leave her alone.” (Soleil)

I turned my attention to Soleil.  When I did that, a nervous look crossed over her face for a split second.  I went back to my seat and sat down.  I then rested my head on my hand like a bored ruler and spoke.

“Velvet, what did you do to my little sister?” (Luna)

“I-I did nothing to her.” (Velvet)

“Shes r-right, big sis.” (Soleil)

“Lies.” (Luna)

{Ooooh, I like this Luna as well.}

“Hahaha.  This seems interesting.” (Atmos)

“Tell me the truth, Im waiting.” (Luna)

The both of them looked at each other, then got up and tried to run away.  I tapped my finger in the armrest of my seat and the two of them reappeared in front of me.

“You cannot escape.” (Luna)

“Ugh.” (Velvet)

“…” (Soleil)

I continued to stare at the two of them.

“Hey Tamamo, is Luna actually an overprotective sister?  I though she supported their relationship.” (Atmos)

{Yes, and she does.  I think shes just messing with them.}

“Ooohhh.  Shes letting her kitsune nature take over for a bit.” (Atmos)

{Yes, but thats understandable, you should have seen how bored she was yesterday.  Luna isnt good with just sitting around all day while people she doesnt know talk about random things she doesnt care about around her.}

“Then why didnt she just leave?” (Atmos)

{Because her parents asked her to be there for the day.}

“Oh.” (Atmos)

“Ill ask one more time, Velvet, what did you do to my sister?” (Luna)

“Big sis its nothi-” (Soleil)

“Quiet Soleil.” (Luna)

“*Sigh*Fine, Ill tell you.  I drank her blood.” Velvet admitted while blushing.

“Did Soleil take some of yours, I remember you telling me that doing that is special.” (Luna)

She looked away from me again.  I then turned my attention to Soleil.

“Youre not a vampire, so what was it like?” (Luna)

“It tasted like normal blood, but also good?  I dont know how to describe it.” (Soleil)

“Hmmm.” (Luna)

I glanced back to Velvet and her face was even redder.

“Fine, but if this becomes a regular thing, dont drain my sister dry.  Is that understood?” (Luna)

“I would never dream of doing that!” Velvet yelled as she stared at me angrily.

When she saw my face, she started blushing again.  I had a wide smile on my face.

“Fufufufuf.  Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha!” (Luna)

“Even as the Goddess of Mischief, I could learn a thing or two about teasing from Luna.  Hey Tama- Ok wow, I havent seen you smile like that before.” (Atmos)

{Luna is so cool.  I want her to come here right now.  My Luna.  I want to hold her in my arms.  I want to go mess with people with her.  Hehehehehehe.}

“Crap.  Luna!  Stop influencing Tamamo in a bad way.  Luna?” (Atmos)

“Heh.  My Tamamo.  We can mess with so many people.  We can go everywhere.  Screw the rules, Ill make a domain across the whole world if I have to.  Ha.  Haha.  Hahahahahahahahahaha!” (Luna)

“Oh no, theyre influencing each other.  This isnt good, I dont know what to do.  Um, Skadi!  Help!” (Atmos)

“Hmm?” (Skadi)

“Please try to calm Luna down.” (Atmos)

“*Sigh*” (Skadi)

Skadi walked up to me and stared into my eyes.

“Luna, snap out of it or I wont fight you later.” (Skadi)

“EH!?  But you said we could have a fun fight!  I want to show off to my parents how strong I am now, so please reconsider.” (Luna)

“Are you happy now, Atmos?” (Skadi)

“On that side, yes, now I just need to work on calming Tamamo down.  Its going to be quiet for a while Luna.” Atmos said as the connection between me and Tamamo was cut.

“Kitsune nature is really something.” (Velvet)

“Yeah.” (Skadi)

They looked at me and Soleil.

“Hey, we keep it in check most if the time.  Why else do you think we always try to keep busy?” (Luna)

“Now that I think about it, the two of you are always doing something.” (Velvet)

“Well yeah, a bored kitsune is never good.  Thats why we always have something to do.” (Luna)

“Uh huh.” (Soleil)

“Well, with this settled, Im going back to talk with Ophidia.” (Skadi)

She then made her way back over to where she was earlier and sat sown next to Ophidia.  I stared at them for a while before speaking again.

“It looks like they are just friends than girlfriends.” (Luna)

“I got the same feeling.” (Velvet)

“Well, I guess that makes sense, from what I know of Skadi, she hasnt ever been in a relationship before and Ophidia even more so.  Maybe we should help them figure it out?” (Luna)

“Let them figure it out themselves.  Theyll grow more like that.” (Velvet)

“I guess youre right.” (Luna)

“So anyway, now what do we do?” (Soleil)

“Hmmm.  How about we go and bother Blake?” (Luna)

“Sounds fun.” (Soleil)

“Are you coming Velvet?” (Luna)

“I dont see why not.” (Velvet)

“Lets go then.  Ill teleport us there.” (Luna)

I then grabbed the two of them and we were off.  When we arrived at Blakes place, I heard the sound of a hammer striking metal.

“Hes the same as always.” (Luna)

“It would be weird if he wasnt.” (Soleil)

“Thats true.” (Luna)

We went to the back of the place and made our way to the forge.  When we got there, we saw Blake sitting down and swinging his hammer.  When we got a little closer, I saw something a little strange, Blakes eyes looked different.  They reminded me of old man Reves.

“So, what happened with you?” (Luna)

“I learned some things from Reve and when he finished teaching me, he taught me some kind of dragon magic.  The side effect makes my eyes like this.” (Blake)

“Its cool.” (Luna)

“I know right.  They also help when I have to keep those annoying, spoiled noble kids from bothering me for weapons theyll never use after a few hours.” (Blake)

“Must be tough.” (Luna)

“Not really.” (Blake)

“Hey, have I showed you my Gate of Babylon yet?” (Luna)

“You actually managed to do it!?” Blake said as he turned to us excitedly.

“Who do you think I am?  Of course I did.” (Luna)

I then started opening Gates all around us and weapons and my chains started poking out of them.

“Hahahahahahahahahaha!” (Luna)

“Calm down there, Gilgamesh.” (Blake)

“Why should I, mongrel?” (Lunamesh)

“Hahahahahahahahaha!” (Blake)

Meanwhile Velvet and Soleil were watching this interaction with stupefied faces.

“Ive seen this happen so many times, and yet Im still always caught off-guard by it.” (Soleil)

“You can really tell that they have been friends for a long time.” (Velvet)

It was then that Blake looked over to them.

“Hmmm?” (Blake)

Seeing this, a smile spread on my face.

“Velvet, what did you do to my daughter?” (Blake)

“Not again.” (Velvet)

“Fufufu.  Dont worry, Blake.  She just gave her a good time.” (Luna)

“Oi!  Just because you two are girlfriends doesnt mean I gave you permission to do that.  At least wait until youre married or something.” (Blake)

“Who said I needed your permission, dad!?” (Soleil)

“I did.” (Blake)

“Hmph.” (Soleil)

“Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!” (Luna)

“Really Luna, I thought you were done with that for today.” (Velvet)

“Oh, you sweet summer child, Im never done.  I will always take any chance I get to tease the two of you.” (Luna)

“Pffft.  Really Jason?” (Blake)

“I told you to stop calling me that.” (Luna)

“I cant help it sometimes.” (Blake)

Like this, I spent the rest of the day messing around with Blake.

Chaos Realm:

Atmos: *Ssssiiiigggghhhh*I ’m so tired.

Did you have that hard of a time?

Atmos: Yes.  It ’s always a struggle when Tamamo gets like that.

So it ’s happened before?

Atmos: Yes.  It happened several times when Tamamo was younger and got bored more easily, though I was the only focus of it.  Honestly, how does she manage to mess with someone with the Authority of messing with people?

Because she knows what makes you tick.

Atmos: That ’s true.

Is she calmed down now?

Atmos: For the most part, yes.

Who would have thought they would influence each other like that.

Atmos: I know right?  I ’m worried about what will happen once Luna makes it to the divine domain and they both get like that.  I don ’t think I can handle two of them.

Well, Luna has three Apostles that can help you, though one of them being a kitsune could pose a problem.

Atmos: And Tamamo ’s Apostles are out since both of them are kitsune as well.

So is Grey ’s and Quetz ’s.

Atmos: I guess that leaves me with just Velvet, Ophidia, and Nia then.

Don ’t forget Skadi, she ’ll most likely come to help as well.

Atmos: Right.

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