I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Chapter 126- More Constellations

[Luna POV]

I woke up the next day with Tamamo laying beside me in my bed.  She was still asleep, so I decided to watch her until she woke up.

‘Tamamos sleeping face is so cute.  I could just lay here and stare for hours and not get bored.

I smiled at that thought.

‘Hmmm.  Maybe I should immortalize this as a constellation only I can see…No, Ill hold off on that, the real thing is better.

While contemplating random, Tamamo related things and staring at her face, my smile widened.  She then began to wake up and I got lost in her beautiful golden eyes.


While quietly laughing, Tamamo grabbed me and brought my face to hers.  After kissing for a few minutes, we broke apart and she started to speak.

{Good morning Luna.}

“Good morning Tamamo.”

{Did you enjoy staring at me?}

“Of course, I enjoy staring at you any chance I get.”

{Ufufufu.  The feeling is mutual.}

We lay there in silence for a few minutes when Tamamo started to get up.

{As much as I want to continue, I should go.}

“Unfortunate indeed, but necessary.  I look forward to the full moon.”

{I do as well.  I cant wait to see your reaction to the new scenery.}

“I cant wait to check it out.”

At that, Tamamo started to shine, then she disappeared.  I laid back on my bed and sighed.  I waved my hand which dissolved the domain and got up to get dressed.  I stretched and looked at myself in the mirror.

“I should probably take a bath first.”

Once that was done, I dressed myself and started to brush my tails.  While I was doing that, I felt the others teleport back to the mansion.

“That was weird.”

{What was?}

“I could feel the others get back.  Its different to knowing where Velvet or Ophidia is through our connection.  I dont know how to describe it.”

{Its probably due to your Space Authority.  The more accustomed you get to it, the more things you will notice in regards to what it pertains to.}

“Interesting.  I guess I should be happy that not many people have space magic then.  It would be annoying to feel it every time someone uses it.”

{Ill teach you an easy way to get used to it later.  It makes things easier when you just stop noticing it.}

I was about to reply when I heard a knock on my door.

“Its us, big sis.” (Soleil)

“You can come in.” (Luna)

All three of them entered.

“Welcome back.  How did everything go?” (Luna)

“It went fine.” (Velvet)

“Did you have fun doing whatever you did after that?” (Luna)

“Yep.  Oh, and Ophidia and Skadi met up as well.” (Soleil)

“Thats a surprise.  Anything fun happen with that?” (Luna)

“Yes.  We hunted a griffon, then went around the city, then ate at a place for lunch, then gave each other matching bracelets, then promised to do it again some time.  By the way can I get a letter box that can exclusively send and receive letters from Skadi?” (Ophidia)

“Ok, first, calm down a bit.  Second, sure.  And third, when I do that, ask Skadi to send over that bracelet of hers for a second, Ill enchant it so that the two of you can tell where the other is at.  If she is in a place that you can teleport to, you can go and see her.” (Luna)

Ophidia beamed and then left the room to do Ophidia things.

“Well that happened.” (Luna)

{Doesnt seem like you have to do much there.}

‘I agree.  I wonder how things will work out between them?

{Probably good.  I dont think youll have to worry too much about it.}


“How was your day yesterday?” (Velvet)

“It was amazing.  We went to look at the tree, which will be fully grown in a month to a month and a half, then we sat at the top of the pyramid for a while and looked over the island, then we ate lunch, then…” (Luna)

“What happened after that?” (Soleil)

“Ummm.” (Luna)

I was struggling to explain this in a way that wouldnt lead to all of us turning into embarrassed messes when Velvet helped me out.

“Anyway, what is the plan for today?” (Velvet)

“I dont know about all of you, but I was going to go and visit my parents for a while.  I havent shown them that I have five tails yet and I just want to go see them.” (Luna)

“Can I come as well?  I want to talk with mom for a bit.” (Soleil)

“Well, thats what were doing.  Do you want to come?” (Luna)

“Why not?” (Velvet)

“Guess I should go and ask Ophidia as well.” (Luna)

“Ill go and ask her.” (Soleil)

Once she left, I looked at Velvet.

“Thanks for helping me out.” (Luna)

“Dont mention it.” (Velvet)

Velvet then left as well, and I finished taking care of my tails.  I then left my room and went to make breakfast.  After all of that, I teleported us to the shrine village.  We left the room that we teleported to and made our way to the usual place we always went to.  When we got there, the office was empty.

“Well.” (Luna)

“How rare.” (Soleil)

‘Tamamo, can you tell me where my mom and Ana are?

{Hmmm.  Seems like they are meeting with someone.}

‘Do you know who?

{Looks like a noble, not sure exactly who though.}

‘Thanks, well go and see them later.

“Luna?” (Velvet)

“Lets go and find my dad first, mom and Ana are meeting someone right now.” (Luna)

We moved to the training grounds outside to see the usual scene of soldiers fighting in mock battles.

“Still the same as ever.” (Luna)

“Master, is this how you were trained as well?” (Ophidia)

“Yep.  I trained alongside several of the people here for several years before setting off.” (Luna)

“Interesting.” (Ophidia)

We stood there watching for a while when dad noticed that we were here.

“All right everyone, stop!  This concludes morning training!” (Deacon)

After saying that, he walked over to us.

“Welcome home.  What brings all of you here today?” (Deacon)

“I just wanted to come here today, Soleil wants to talk with Ana, Velvet and Ophidia just wanted to come since they didnt have anything better to do.” (Luna)

“Haha.  How carefree, but thats what the life of an adventurer should be like.” (Deacon)

“Anyway, who is mom in a meeting with?” (Luna)

“A messenger from the royal family.” (Deacon)

“Did something happen?” (Soleil)

“No.  Its just that the second prince is getting married soon and the royal family wants to hold the wedding here.  They sent a messenger to iron out the rest of the details before the preparations are started.” (Deacon)

“Sounds interesting.  When is the wedding?” (Velvet)

“Next month.” (Deacon)

“Will you need my help in any way?” (Luna)

“Dont know.  Is your schedule free next month?” (Deacon)

“Should be.  The only things we have planned for now is just questing and dungeon diving.” (Luna)

“How long have they been in a meeting?” (Soleil)

“About an hour, I think.  Itll be a while before they finish.” (Deacon)

“What should we do while we wait master?” (Ophidia)

“Since were here, why dont we train a bit?  Tamamo, can you tell me when the two of them are done?” (Luna)

{Leave it to me.}

“Are you sure about that Luna?  We received word that you became an S-ranked adventurer.  Can the training grounds hold up if you go to hard?” (Deacon)

“Heh.  Dont worry about that, dad.  I have just the thing for that.” (Luna)

He looked at me in confusion and I snapped my fingers.  We then found ourselves in a domain that looked like the training grounds at the shrine but scaled up in size.

“What!?” (Deacon)

“Fufufu.  Surprise.” I said as I took my necklace off, my five tails appearing as I did so.

“Five already!  When did that happen!?” (Deacon)

“Not long after we went to Beria.  We met Skadi the Abyssal Hunter there and she and I fought a kraken that was about to evolve into a Charybdis.  Killing it leveled me up enough to get my fifth tail.” (Luna)

“And the reason you never told us in a letter?” (Deacon)

“We were busy after that.” (Luna)

Dad looked over to Soleil and Velvet for confirmation.

“What big sis said is true.” (Soleil)

“We did have some off time, but it was pretty much one thing after the other.” (Velvet)

“Is this also the reason that vampires were sent to watch us?” (Deacon)

“Yes.  While we were in Beria, the former leader of the Demon Empires vampire organization started some things.  We came over to ask Velvets people to watch over everyone here just in case he sent people after all of you.” (Luna)

“Got it.  So, what is this place?” (Deacon)

“My domain.  One of the skills I got when I became a demigod allows me to make a space that is essentially its own little world.” (Luna)

“I see.  Wait, did you say demigod?” (Deacon)

“Yep.  I also learned about Apostles and how most of my family either are or will become one.” (Luna)

“*Sigh*  Well, its good that we dont have to hide that from you anymore.” (Deacon)

“Anyway, lets get to training.  Soleil, do you want to try magic again?” (Luna)

“Yeah.” (Soleil)

“Ok, give me a second then.” (Luna)

I looked to the sky and snapped my fingers.  The sky darkened and the constellations appeared.

“There you go.” (Luna)

“Thanks.” (Soleil)

“What are those?” (Deacon)

“Ill explain later, for now, what do you want to do dad?  Watch or participate?” (Luna)

“Ill participate.” (Deacon)

“Ok, then can you and Ophidia have a mock battle?” (Luna)

“Sure.” (Deacon)

“Dont hold back.” (Ophidia)

“What is your specialty?” (Deacon)

“Brawling, martial arts, and space magic.” (Ophidia)

“Uuuggghhh.  Has Luna trained with you at all?” (Deacon)

“A few times, yes.” (Ophidia)

“*Sigh* I guess I need to prepare myself then.” (Deacon)

Dad walked away from us and got ready for the mock battle and Ophidia did the same.

“Why did he react like that?” (Velvet)

“By the end of my training with him, I might have started using space magic to blink around during our fights.” (Luna)

“Oooooooh.” (Velvet)

“It wont be as bad this time since Ophidia doesnt have a skill that makes mist.” (Luna)

“You really put him through a lot, didnt you?” (Velvet)

“Dont blame me, he was the one that gave me the idea to do that, so he did it to himself.  Not to mention that we were both having fun.” (Luna)

“So, thats were you get it from.” (Velvet)

Both dad and Ophidia were ready and I gave the signal to start.

Chaos Realm:

Skadi: If Luna enchants my bracelet like that, will Ophidia be able to find me here?

No, but once she becomes Luna ’s Apostle, she ’ll start showing up here.

Skadi: How long will that take?

Depends on when they find Int increasing items.  The sooner Ophidia gets S level Int, the closer she will be to becoming the Apostle of Space.

Skadi: Then I should start looking as well.

You do you.

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