I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Chapter 120- Lead up to the Confrontation

[Luna POV]

A few hours after we got to our room in the inn, we all decided to go and get something to eat.

“I wonder if this town has a specialty?” (Luna)

“Who knows, we can find out tomorrow.” (Soleil)

As we entered the dining hall of the inn, it was quiet.  There were a few people here and there that were eating and several people were passed out with mugs of alcohol on their tables.

“Maybe we should just go and eat in our room, the smell is so strong down here.” (Luna)

“I think youre the only one bothered by it, Luna.” (Velvet)

“*Sigh* It sometimes feels like a curse to have such a sensitive nose.” (Luna)

“Is it the same for you Soleil?” (Ophidia)

“Not really.  I mean sure, its a bit strong, but nothing that isnt manageable.  Big sis is the odd one out here.” (Soleil)

We sat down at an empty table and an employee came over to us.

“What can I do for all of you this evening?”

“Whatever you recommend to eat.” (Luna)

“Sure thing.  Would you lovely ladies prefer alcohol or water?”


“Then Ill be back shortly.”

The employee left and we sat in silence for a few minutes.  I looked around the room again and saw that the other people had either left or drunk themselves to sleep.

‘Why do I keep getting a bad feeling?

{Whatever the reason, I know you will be able to handle it.}

I smiled at Tamamos words and a few minutes later our food arrived.  We started eating but the person who brought the food stayed near us.  He had a sadistic smile on his face.  When I noticed that Soleil and Ophidia started screaming in pain.  Velvet had slumped over the table and wasnt moving.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Yes, suffer!  This is what you get you damn fox for trying to take what is mine!” (Mortem)

After the employee or more like assassin started cackling in glee, I figured out what was going on.  My vision started turning red seeing the people I considered family in this state and I started to act.  I opened a Gate above the assassins head and one of my chains started coming out of it.  I manipulated the chain and made it wrap around his neck.  When it was good enough, I made it go taut.  I then started pulling the chain back into the Gate.

“Gaahhhh.” (Mortem)

Once the assassin was lifted high enough that his feet barely touched the ground I used healing magic on my party.

“Thanks…big sis.” (Soleil)

“Heh…heling magic is…so useful.” (Ophidia)

“Paralysis is not fun.” (Velvet)

I smiled a bit at seeing everyone acting like nothing was wrong.

“Ophidia, this is the same person that we passed by on the way to our room earlier.  Go and look for the other person that was with him and bring her here, I think all of the people in here were drugged with a sleeping or paralysis drug.” (Luna)

“Yes master.” Ophidia said as she got up and left the room.

“You two sure youre good?” (Luna)

“Yes.” (Velvet)

“Yeah, though Im now a bit angry.” (Soleil)

“Funny, I feel the same way.  In fact, Im so angry that its hard to keep my magic from going wild.” (Luna)

I looked back over to our assassin friend and saw that he was struggling to breath.  I loosened the chain just enough to allow him to breath and once I did that he glared at all of us.

“H-how?” (Mortem)

“Poison has no effect on me and Im a master at healing magic.  You would have had a better chance if you took hostages.  Not much of a chance, but I might have hesitated a bit.” My voice got colder and colder as I spoke.  “Now I get to figure out how to end you.”

“Heh.  If you…do…my brother will…hunt you for…the rest of you life.” (Mortem)

“So, it is you, Mortem.” (Velvet)

“Hahaha.  Yes…now help…me Velvet…and Ill…allow you to…keep that fox…as a pet.” (Mortem)

“And why should I help you?  You have realized that I hate you, right?” (Velvet)

It was then that Ophidia reentered the room.

“Master, Ive found the person you were talking about earlier.” Ophidia said as she brought the unconscious girl over and laid her down by my feet.

I didnt fail to notice Mortems hate filled gaze directed at the girl at my feet.  I channeled some healing magic and used it to cure any poison that was in the girls system.  Once I was done, she started to wake up.

“Ugh.  Damn Mortem, Ill cut your head off for that.” (Mordred)

“Who are you and what do you and this piece of trash have to do with each other?” (Luna)

The girl looked up at me and then at Mortem who was strung up by the neck.  When she saw that, she got a wide smile on her face.

“The names Mordred le Fay.  I was sent along with that thing strung up over there to kill you and your party.” (Mordred)

At her words, Soleil, Ophidia, and Velvet got ready to start fighting.

“Calm down, I had no plan on actually doing that.  Honestly, I dont think I could in the first place.  I have no idea why Beryl thought two people could go against two S-rank adventurers in the first place.” (Mordred)

As she said this, she took off one of the bracelets she was wearing, and her appearance started to change.  Her dark brown hair turned blond, and her grey eyes turned green.

“Its been a while Mordred.” (Velvet)

“Indeed, it has.” (Mordred)

“So, you really…do plan…on betraying…us.” (Mortem)

“Betrayal?  Really?  Im doing this so that we can finally get rid of you and your brother.  Its high time he was replaced by someone that isnt crazy.” (Mordred)

“Hes not crazy!  Gah!  He is the husband of our Goddess!” (Mortem)

“That is where I have to correct you.  Tamamo is mine and mine alone.  If she wasnt restricted by divine rules, she would have smote your brother until not even ashes remained.” (Luna)

I started to slowly tighten the chain again.

“Add the fact that he targeted people I consider family instead of only me on top of coveting my wife, Ive about had it.  In fact, you should be happy I didnt kill you outright.”  (Luna)

I said all of this in a voice so cold, it could freeze magma.

“Are you really the Goddesss wife?” (Mordred)

I stored my necklace in my inventory and all five of my tails appeared.

“Proof enough for you?” (Luna)

Mordreds eyes widened and she started nodding her head vigorously.

“Gaahhh.” (Mortem)

“Soleil, I said you could do whatever to him, right?” (Luna)

“I think so.  Velvet, want to help me out?  I dont know if my fire magic is enough to properly burn this amount of trash.” (Soleil)

“Heh.  Gladly, though wasnt there something else you wanted to do before killing him?” (Velvet)

“There is that as well.  Big sis, can you bring all of us into a domain?  I dont want to burn this place down.” (Soleil)

I snapped my fingers and the scenery around us changed.  Instead of inside a building, we were now in a place covered in dunes of sand.  In the distance large gears could be seen slowly turning and the sky above us was dark except for several constellations.  Mordred was taken aback by the sudden change in scenery and Mortem was struggling even more against my chain.

“This better Soleil?” (Luna)

“Yes.” (Soleil)

“Uuummm.  What just happened?  Where are we?” (Mordred)

“This is masters domain.  A separate space where she controls what happens.” (Ophidia)

“Mordred, when were done with him, we will have a lot of things to discuss.  Be prepared.” (Luna)

“Yes, mlady.” (Mordred)

“Stop with that, just call me Luna.” (Luna)

I turned my attention back to Velvet and Soleil.  They had Mortem surrounded by a ring of fire and were about to incinerate him.

“Think about this…Velvet.  Just stop…and accept my offer.  By becoming…my wife…and joining our clans…together…we will become the…most influential…vampires in the world.” (Mortem)

“This is one of the things I hate about you, Mortem.  You think I actually care about that.  Did you ever wonder why I have always refused your proposals?  Its alwaysjoin me as my wife andlets make the old bloodlines prominent again.  Even if I cared about nonsense like that, I would still never marry you.  In fact, Mordred had a better chance than you ever did.” (Velvet)

“What was that?” (Soleil)

“I said had, Soleil.  Now that Im with you, I cant think of ever being with another woman.” (Velvet)

“Hehehe.” (Soleil)

“Grrrrrahg.  You would really choose this damn fox over one of your own kind?” (Mortem)

“Thats another reason I hate you.  You still have the mindset of vampire supremacy.  We are far from the supreme race.  In fact, were no better than any other race in this world.” (Velvet)

“Sorry for interrupting, but can we hurry this up, we have better things to do than wasting our time with this.” (Luna)

“Sorry Luna.  Soleil, anything you want to add before we end this?” (Velvet)

Soleil walked over and stood next to Velvet.

“Im a generous person, so I thought I should at least give you a nice memory before you die.” (Soleil)

Soleil then turned toward Velvet and planted a kiss right on her lips.  She then glanced over to Mortem and raised one of her hands.  The ring of fire started growing bigger and hotter and Mortem started to let out screams of pain.  At that point, Velvet raised her hand as well and the fire grew in intensity. 

After a few short seconds, the fire died down and all that was left was a chain hanging out of a Gate.  Seeing that, Soleil stopped kissing Velvet and started walking towards me.

“How about that, big sis?” (Soleil)

“9/10.” (Luna)

“What did I do wrong?” (Soleil)

“You broke away too quickly.  In a situation like that, you should let Velvet be the one to stop, not you.” (Luna)

“Oh.  Well, theres always next time.” (Soleil)

“Very true.” (Luna)

“Sssooollleeeiiilll.  You could have told me you were going to do that.  I wasnt ready for that.” (Velvet)

“If I didnt, big sis would have ascended by the time you made a move.” (Soleil)

“Thats not true…I think.” (Velvet)

“Did you enjoy it at least?” (Soleil)

“Of course I did.” (Velvet)

“The two of you can continue later, now we need to figure out what to do now that Mordred knows who I am.” (Luna)

“What do you mean?” (Mordred)

“Master has been keeping her relationship with the Great One a secret.  It would cause trouble for her if people knew.” (Ophidia)

“Makes sense.  If this was known to the whole world, I doubt you would have been able to move as freely as you have been.” (Mordred)

“Exactly.  Thats why you need to keep this a secret as well.” (Luna)

“Im fine with that, but that also poses a problem.  If we cant reveal this to anyone, especially vampires, how are we going to dispose of Beryl?” (Mordred)

{I have an idea for that.} Tamamo said as my mirror appeared.

“G-goddess!?” (Mordred)

“Whats your idea Tamamo?” (Luna)

{Simple, just bring Velvet to Onigashima.  Have you forgotten that shes an oracle?}

“Oh right, she is!” (Luna)

{You get it now?  Bring Velvet there and gather all of the vampires together and Ill do the rest.  After that, you are free to do whatever you want with Beryl.}

“This sound like a good plan to you Velvet?” (Luna)

“Yeah.” (Velvet)


“Y-yes Goddess!?” (Mordred)

{Your job is to make sure Luna and the rest are given a clear shot at that mongrel.  When they are finished with him, I want you and the rest of the vampires in the Demon Empire to clean up any of his messes.  After that, you are to keep Lunas secret until the day she ascends.  Do I make myself clear?}

“Yes.  By your will, I will see it done.” Mordred said as she gave a military-like salute.

‘Fufufufu.  Dignified and commanding Tamamo is nice as well

{While Im happy you think that, can you please hold off on complimenting me like that until Mordred is gone?  I want to at least keep a dignified image in front of others that arent particularly close to you.}


‘Got it.  Ill hold off for now.

“So, Im guessing were changing our plans for tomorrow?” (Soleil)

“Unfortunately yes.  Since the mongrels brother is dead, we should speed up our travel.” (Luna)

“Why do you need to do that?  Even if Mortem managed to kill you, he would still have to travel two weeks to get back to Onigashima.” (Mordred)

“Because that mongrel Beryl can use his diviner skill to see us.  I mean, I have a way to block him, but the rest of you dont unless you stay in a domain I create.  If he tries to look at his brother and cant, but can see us, hell know that his brother failed to kill us.  If he learns that, then hell try to do something else even more drastic than sending assassins after us.” (Luna)

“Youre right.  Not to mention that if he sees me with all of you, hell destroy my clan.” (Mordred)

“Then do we leave tonight?” (Ophidia)

“That would be for the best.  If I go all out in folding space, well probably end up in Onigashima by the day after tomorrow.” (Luna)

“You can get us there that fast?” (Mordred)

“It wont be as fast as teleportation, but yes.” (Luna)

“Why not just look at the Onigashima with space magic and teleport there?” (Velvet)

“Velvet, if I did that, I would be taking in too much information.  Just because Im a demigod doesnt mean I can process that much information yet.  If I was a god, then I could probably easily do that, but for now I still have limits.” (Luna)

“It was just a suggestion.” (Velvet)

“I know that, and I was telling you why its not one we can take.” (Luna)

“Well, now that we know what we need to do, do we leave now?” (Soleil)

“No, Im going to heal all the people in the inn first, then well go.” (Luna)

“How long will that take master?” (Ophidia)

“Not long.  Since time is of the essence, Ill use an area of effect healing spell.” (Luna)

I dispelled the domain and started getting the magic ready.

“Mordred, if you have anything to collect, do it now.” (Luna)

“Yes.” (Mordred)

“Velvet, Soleil, go and help her.” (Luna)


The three of them went off to collect Mordreds things.  Soon after they left, my magic was ready and I used the spell.  A light green light covered everybody in the inn and the spell was finished.

‘Tch, this just had to happen the night before the full moon.

{If you want, instead of calling you to me, you can set up a domain after you deal with the mongrel.}

‘I guess well just have to do that.  And I was looking forward to seeing the changes you made to your place.

{There is always next month.}

‘True, but now Im even angrier at that stupid mongrel.  Not only is he coveting you, he has now gone after the lives of my family and is getting in the way of us spending time together.

“Master, youre starting to let out mist.” (Ophidia)

“Sorry, I got a little angry.” (Luna)

I was still calming down when Soleil, Velvet, and Mordred came back.

“Ready?” (Luna)

“Yes.” (Mordred)

“Then lets go.” (Luna)

“Ophidia, what pissed Luna off now?” (Velvet)

“Im not sure.  It looked like she was discussing something with the Great One and her mood started to turn sour.” (Ophidia)

“Tomorrow is a full moon.  I think that is the reason she wanted us to stay here tomorrow.” (Soleil)

“What terrible timing.” (Velvet)

“What happens on a night of the full moon?” (Mordred)

“Those are the nights Luna gets to spend with the Goddess.  Now that we have to move nonstop, shell have to miss it.” (Velvet)

“Ooohhh.  Then her anger is more than justified.” (Mordred)

We made it to the gate to the road to Onigashima but it was closed.

“Someone grab onto Ophidia, we have to teleport over the wall.” (Luna)

Mordred did as I said and all of us teleported to the outside of Mid.

“This is going to be awkward.  How do I make sure no one touches my tail if we have to squeeze together to make this work?” (Luna)

“If it helps master, I can transform into my serpent form and shrink my size.  That way I can wrap around an arm and be out of the way.” (Ophidia)

“You can shrink in size?” (Luna)

“Yes.” (Ophidia)

‘Can you do that in your fox form as well?

{Of course I can.}

‘Good to know. I looked over to Ophidia. “Please do that.”

Ophidia transformed into serpent form, then shrunk.  I picked her up and she wrapped around my arm.

“You really do have smooth scales Ophidia.  They feel quite nice.” (Luna)

“Thank you for the compliment.” (Ophidia)

“Mordred, whatever you do, do not touch my tail.  If you do, then I wont be able to fix whatever happens.” (Luna)

“I understand.” (Mordred)

With that, I started us on our way to Onigashima.

Chaos Realm:

Skadi: I expected that they would make him suffer more.

Nah.  The suffering is being saved for Beryl.

Atmos: I know what you said earlier Tamamo, but are you really ok with not calling Luna to see you?

Tamamo: Truthfully, no, but it has to be done this way or else it puts everyone else at risk.  You know just as well as I do that people like Beryl are more dangerous the more things go wrong for them.  I won ’t risk that for the momentary pleasure of one night with Luna.

Skadi: Atmos, you could learn a thing or two from how Lady Tamamo is handling this.  It makes me question who the older one of the two of you is.

Atmos: Hey.

Hahahahahaha!  By the way, how did the giant cake go?

Atmos: He ’ll still be finding pieces of it on him when Luna is busting his doors down.  And I think he is finally traumatized by anything to do with lemons.

Tamamo: Will you let me tell Luna to do something with that?

Have at it.

Tamamo: Thanks.

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