I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Chapter 114- Business Before Departure

[Luna POV]

Over the next week, me and Tamamo spent a lot of time together.  Aside from doing it, we also cuddled a lot and just genuinely enjoyed being near each other.

“Its unfortunate, but our time is almost up.” I said as I moved to hug Tamamo who was laying in the bed next to me.

{That is indeed unfortunate, but at least we had fun this week.  It makes me look forward to you ascending all the more.} Tamamo said as she hugged me back.

“Just know that I can set up a domain at any time, so we can do this again if you ever just need to be with me.”

{Luna; dont tempt me so much.  If you say anymore, I might actually ask you to do this endlessly.}

“Sorry, its just seeing you right next to me like this is one of the greatest things Ive ever experienced in this world.  Im having a hard time suppressing my desire to constantly make domains for us, and Im trying to justify a reason to do so, by pushing it off on you.”

{Ufufufu.  Dont worry Luna, you have four more tails to go, and we can spend all the time we want together.  This was nice, but I think we should hold off on doing this again.}

“I agree, this was good for relieving all the built up frustration, but I think its best if we stick to how weve been seeing each other from now on.”

Tamamo started to shine.

{Then Ill see you on the next full moon.} She said as she gave me a deep kiss.

“I love you my glowing moon.”

{I love you too, my shining stars.}

With those parting words, Tamamo was fully engulfed in light and disappeared.  When she was gone, I felt my domain return to being normal space.  I got up and got dressed.  When I was done, I stretched and left my room.

‘I wonder if the others are here?

I walked into the main living room but found no one.

‘Hmmm.  Oh, I know.

I closed my eyes and focused on trying to find out where Velvet was.  I learned that she was close.  I exited the mansion and walked in the direction Velvet was in.  I climbed to the top of the pyramid and found everyone there.

“Hey.” I said as I sat down next to Ophidia.

“Hello master.  Did you enjoy yourself this past week?” (Ophidia)

“I did.” (Luna)

“Thats good.” (Soleil)

“What have all of you been doing while I was occupied?” (Luna)

“Not much.  When we came back from the beach, I tried knocking on your door to see if you had the Goddess with you yet or not, but I couldnt get near it.  Every time I tried; I would end up walking in the direction I came from.  I gave up after that and went to bed.  The rest of the week I just did what I usually do.” (Velvet)

“I made several more paintings and practiced cooking.” (Soleil)

“I challenged myself by going back to the river and faced those fish.” (Ophidia)

“Howd that go?” (Luna)

“Fine, though I wish they would have tasted good.” (Ophidia)

“All of you were so productive.” (Luna)

“I wouldnt really call that productive.  All we did was what we would have normally done.  Though if I had to say one thing, it was a little boring without you around.” (Velvet)

“Thats true, it felt the same as when you left the shrine.” (Soleil)

“You do provide a sense of excitement when you are around master.” (Ophidia)

“Now I feel a little bad for taking a full week.” (Luna)

“Dont.  You and the Goddess needed this, so if you had to leave us alone for a week, we cant really complain.” (Velvet)

“Thanks.  Oh, by the way, Soleil, me and Tamamo discussed some things and we figured out a way for the two of us to practice our stellar magic.  All we need to do is train in a domain I create.  Well, itll be more like you train and I figure out exactly what stellar magic can do.” (Luna)

“When can we start?” (Soleil)

“Technically, we can start at any time, but I want to take a break from maintaining a domain for a bit.” (Luna)

“Ok, then how about in a few days?” (Soleil)

“Sounds good to me.  Velvet and Ophidia can join us in there as well and Ill give you all a sneak peek at what I plan on making the night sky look like in the future.” (Luna)

“Now that youre back, can you explain exactly what its like in there?” (Velvet)

“If I had to say, its basically a completely different world.  I can choose to either make it exactly like the area Im in, even down to the furniture if Im in a room, or if I choose make it a blank space with whatever kind of terrain I want.  A good thing about it is I can also store whatever constellations I make in there as well and its treated like an inventory.” (Luna)

“How intriguing.  So, does it have these stars in there, or just whatever these constellations are?” (Velvet)

“By default, only the constellations, but since I now have infinite mana, I can cast as big an illusion as I want.  I could do the same thing right here, but its just easier in there.” (Luna)

“As a being that can use space magic, I am extremely curious on how this works as well.  Would I be able to make something similar in the future?” (Ophidia)

“If you managed that, you would dry up your mana in an instant.  Its not exactly mana efficient.” (Luna)

“I see.” (Ophidia)

“On a different topic, how much longer do you want to stay in the Empire?  I know there is the whole Beryl thing to consider, but besides that, is there anything else you want to do here?” (Velvet)

“We could go and look for some dungeons.  Those would help Soleil level up and we have higher chances of finding stat raising items in there.  Doing that is probably the best way to get stronger.” (Luna)

“That sounds fun, Ill finally be able to show off to you master.”  (Ophidia)

“You know, now that you say that; I havent seen you fight after training with Grey yet.” (Luna)

“I guess we should also start taking quests to help Soleil and Ophidia rank up.  Soleil is still B-rank and Ophidia is even lower.  Even though we dont really care about it, other people will say bad things about them if they arent close to us in rank.” (Velvet)

“We cant have that, now can we.  And this time, we dont have to speedrun the rank up process.  But that leaves me with a question that I dont think any of us know how to answer.” (Luna)

“What is it?” (Soleil)

“Well, this pertains more to you than Ophidia at the moment, but would either me or Velvet be allowed to endorse you for S-rank, or will we need to ask Skadi or another S-rank for that?” (Luna)

“Why wouldnt we be able to?” (Velvet)

“Because they are members of our party.  I dont think the guild would like it if we endorsed them as S-ranks and it turned out they werent actually S-rank worthy.  I mean we would know, but others might think differently.  Of course, its like you said earlier Velvet, none of us really care about that, but if rumors start because of false information, it could make our travels difficult.  No one spreads rumors farther and faster than adventurers after all.” (Luna)

“Why not just ask the Great One of Adventure?” (Ophidia)

“I guess Ill send him a letter.” (Luna)

“Then will we make Beria our base in the Empire, or will we move in to Onigashima?” (Soleil)

“I say Onigashima.  We can take care of Tamamos creepy vampire fanatic, and well have an in with the guild master there if Shuten was right and her mother is still the guild master there.” (Luna)

“Ill follow whatever decision you make, master.” (Ophidia)

“The Onigashima it is.  But we will need to be carful on the way and when we get there.  Beryl knows your face and probably has already investigated who you are and as a result, learned about me and Soleil as well.  With his personality, he will probably send assassins or something after us.” (Velvet)

“Tch.  Hopefully we can convince that Mordred person to help us before that happens.  I guess I should warn everyone back home about this as well.” (Luna)

“If you bring me to see my mother, I can ask her to send some of our people as guards, though I doubt they will be useful.” (Velvet)

“In my opinion, he probably wouldnt send someone after Lady Amagi or Lord Deacon, and I think dad would be safe as well since he is a former hero, but I am worried about mom.  I dont know how strong she is now that she became an Apostle, but still.” (Soleil)

“He probably wouldnt send people after Nia or Uncle Rex either.  Then tomorrow we can go and get that taken care of.  Velvet can also tell her mother about her and Soleils relationship, not that she will be bothered by it.” (Luna)

“Should I prepare a gift for mother-in-law?” (Soleil)

“Not really, but if you want to, then give her something with wyvern meat.” (Velvet)

“Big sis.” (Soleil)

“Ill give you some to cook later.” (Luna)

“Thanks.” (Soleil)

“Changing the subject, what is Skadi up to?” (Luna)

“She came back here with us and stayed a few days; but left in the direction of the Celestia Kingdom.  Oh, before I forget, I gave her one of the extra letter boxes you made, I hope you dont mind.” (Soleil)

“Its fine.  I was going to give her one anyway.  There is no point in being friends if we cant keep in touch.  Wait, thats not it.  Its easier to keep in touch with friends if they have one.” (Luna)

“So, with all of this decided, we go and visit my mother tomorrow, then what?  Do we go back to Beria and start making our way to Onigashima?” (Velvet)

“Sounds good to me.  We can pick up a delivery quest while were at it as well.” (Luna)

“What about an escort quest?” (Soleil)

“Not really feeling it this time.  Itll be faster of we travel by ourselves.” (Luna)

“I feel the same.  Normally it would take a month to get from Beria to Onigashima on foot.  Add guarding someone on top of that, and it could take longer.” (Velvet)

“Im not sure if it works like this, but cant big sis use her space magic to see all the way to Onigashima and then fold space to get us there?” (Soleil)

“I can do that, but Im not going to.  Why take the fun out of travelling to a place we havent been to before?” (Luna)

“Then forget I asked.” (Soleil)

“So, our plans are as follows: Go back to Savanna to see meet with Velvets mother, come back to Beria and pick up a delivery quest, preferably one that goes to Onigashima, and start travelling there, all while taking our time and practicing stellar magic and other things.  Am I forgetting anything?” (Luna)

“Sounds right to me.” (Velvet)

“Then lets have dinner and get ready for tomorrow.” (Soleil)

“Im so excited to see more new places.” (Ophidia)

We all climbed down from the pyramid and went back to the mansion.  We had dinner then went to our rooms for the night.  When I laid down on my bed, I could still smell the lingering scent of Tamamo and smiled.

Author ’s Note:

Atmos: Hey Tamamo, did you enjoy your week of nothing but Luna?

Tamamo: More than you can possibly imagine.

Atmos: I ’m happy for you.

Hey Tamamo, take these.

Tamamo: Pictures of Luna that I wanted?  I ’ll gladly accept.

Good. Now I just need Luna to erase my memories of that time and you won ’t need to remove my eyes or hit me over the head very hard.

Skadi: I ’m back here again?

Welcome back.


Sorry Atmos, you can ’t leave yet.  You still have something to do.

*Skadi crosses her arms in front of her*

Atmos: I am extremely sorry for taking and hiding your hat as a prank.  I swear on my name to never do such a thing to you ever again for as long as I exist.

Skadi: Good.

Tamamo: Can I ask you what you are going to the Celestia Kingdom for?

Skadi: Nothing really.  I ’m just wandering without a specific goal at the moment.

Tamamo: You ’re more laid back now then the last time I saw you.

Skadi: Really?

Atmos: Yep.  Ever since you met Luna, you ’ve gotten more approachable.

Skadi: Interesting.

That ’s just the effect Luna has on people.

Tamamo: I know right.  Isn ’t she just the greatest?

Oh no. I think I just started something I shouldn ’t have.

Atmos: And that is my cue to go.

Nope, you will listen with me.  Skadi, if you don ’t want to be stuck listening to Tamamo ’s rant on about Luna, you should leave now.

Skadi: Then I will take my leave.  I ’ll be back again.

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