[Luna POV]

Two days after we returned to Beria from ranking up a thick fog covered the city again.  This time though, the mana in it was much thicker.  We were walking to the guild, but it felt like moving through mud.

“This is just like moving through the jungle after heavy rain.  I hate this feeling.” (Ophidia)

“I can see why, it feels disgusting.” (Velvet)

“…” (Luna)

“Why have you been so quiet big sis?” (Soleil)

I was concentrating on what I was doing so I didnt hear Soleils question.  I then started to release my mist into the fog and started to take limited control of it.  It didnt recede this time and I managed to learn a lot of things as well as make the space around me and my party easier to move in.

“Lets find Skadi immediately, I know where the kraken is.” (Luna)

“How did you learn that?” (Velvet)

“Ive been trying to take control of the fog around us so that it would be less annoying to walk through and got more out of it than I thought I would.  Its faint, but I can feel the location of the kraken.” (Luna)

“Didnt you tell me that the last time you tried to do that, the fog started to recede?” (Soleil)

“Last time I tried taking control of all of it at once.  This time Im only controlling the area around us.  The way I learned the krakens location is because its using all of the fog to find out where things it can eat are.  It works just like my mist where it can tell the location of everything that is inside it.  Since I have experience in using a similar skill, I can find the source of it and if need be, hide us from it.” (Luna)

We sped up our pace to the guild and when we arrived Skadi was exiting the doors.

“Skadi, I know where we need to go.” (Luna)

“I do as well.  It finally came close enough for me to find it.” (Skadi)

We started making our way to the sea.

“How did you find it?” (Velvet)

“Im a demigod of the sea.  I can find anything Im looking for in the sea within a certain range.” (Skadi)

“What do you need us to do?” (Luna)

“I want everyone but Luna to keep as many people away from the water and docks as possible.  With Velvets status as an S-rank adventurer it should be easy.  Luna, youre coming with me to bring the kraken down.” (Skadi)

“How will we get there?” (Luna)

“We run.  I can run on the water and you can freeze yourself a path.” (Skadi)

“Got it.” (Luna)

We split ways after a minute of running.  Velvet, Soleil, and Ophidia went to the docks and Skadi and I ran toward the beach.  When we reached the sand, we sped up our pace.  I was the first one to reach the water and I started to freeze a path toward the kraken.  Skadi was close behind me and sped up when she hit the water.

‘If I knew this would happen today, I would have sewn myself a super-suit.

{What are you talking about?}

‘Dont worry about it.

“I know that this wont pose much of a challenge, but are you sure you should be distracted right now?” (Skadi)

{Dont worry Skadi, Luna is focusing on what shes doing more than you realize.}

“Fine then, were almost there.” (Skadi)

“I know.” (Luna)

We continued running for a while when we came up to a giant whirlpool.  In the center was the kraken we were looking for.

“Damn.  Looks like we left to late to keep all ships from leaving port.” (Skadi)

The kraken had a ship in its tentacles that it had cracked like an egg.  I extended my space magic and looked for survivors, but we were too late.

“No survivors.” (Luna)

I looked over to Skadi and saw rage painting her face.  She drew her sword from her back and was about to jump into the whirlpool when I stopped her.

“I know youre a demigod of the sea and all; but let me make this easier.” I said as I froze the entire area around us and all the way down into the whirlpool.

The kraken let out a roar that I didnt even know it could and it whipped its tentacles at us.  Before they reached us, Skadi swung her sword and cut them to pieces.  She then jumped toward the bottom of the frozen whirlpool and the body of the kraken.  The kraken regenerated its cut tentacles and struck at her again.

‘Fast regeneration will be annoying. I thought to myself as I jumped down after Skadi.

On my way down I was attacked by several tentacles.  They nearly hit me, but I put up a space barrier that redirected them.  They slammed into the wall of ice behind me.

‘That was close.

{I have the sudden urge to crush that kraken with gravity magic.}

I landed on the bottom of the frozen sea next to Skadi who had severed tentacles scattered around her.

“Luna, this is worse than we thought.” (Skadi)

“Why?” (Luna)

“This kraken is on the verge of evolving.” (Skadi)

She slashed another tentacle.

“How can you tell and what will it turn into?” (Luna)

I froze and shattered a tentacle that struck at me.

“I noticed it when I got down here.  There are bones littered everywhere beyond the ice, this thing has been here a lot longer than I thought.  As for what it will turn into.  Do you know what a Charybdis is?” (Skadi)

“Big monster that swallows seawater and anything trapped in the resulting whirlpools?” (Luna)

“Yes, but it also causes massive storms and if close enough to land like this one, floods.” (Skadi)

“Guess I should stop hoping to get the whole thing intact then.  How good is that sword at attracting lightning?” (Luna)

“Dont know, never tried getting struck by lightning before.  Do you have an idea on how to kill it before it regenerates?” (Skadi)

“Yep.  Ill teleport us above it, you throw your sword and get it to stab into it and Ill pour as much lightning down on it as I can.” (Luna)

“What about using any of the other weapons you have?” (Skadi)

“None of them will be able to stab into it, only through it.” (Luna)

“Fine then, lets get this done.” (Skadi)

I grabbed onto her and blinked up high above the kraken.  Skadi aimed and threw her sword and it flew straight as an arrow into the kraken.  As she did this I condensed my mana and channeled lightning magic.  The sky above us grew dark and a few seconds after that a giant bolt of lightning struck the kraken.  I continued to charge the bolt with mana and it increased in intensity until it blinded the both of us.  The kraken let out pained screeches that were drowned out but sounds of thunder.

I kept the lightning going until we landed on the bottom of the sea again.  The krakens tentacles were flailing around and slamming into the ice; but were visibly getting weaker and weaker.  By the time it stopped, the area smelled like burnt seafood and the kraken was burnt black and crumbling to ash in a few places.  The sand underneath it was now glass.

“Impressive.  Where did you come up with a method like that?” (Skadi)

“In my first real battle, me, Velvet, and a lot of other adventurers were defending Savannas capital from a hoard of undead raised by a fiend cult.  I killed the leader the same way.  I figured that it would work even better here.  Now we ca-guh.  Already?”  (Luna)

“Whats up?” (Skadi)

“Ugh.  That kraken was strong enough to give me ten levels.  Im about to get a fifth tail and I dont know if Ill stay conscious.” (Luna)

“Will this ice hold if you fall unconscious?” (Skadi)

“It should, but if it doesnt, Ill need you to get me somewhere safe.  I think you should be able to resist enough to do thaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” (Luna)

The pain this time was even more intense than what I remember from last time, but it also felt like something was keeping me conscious.  I fell to the ground screaming my lungs out.


“Stars.” I managed to say weakly.


Once the notifications in my head ended, the pain doubled.  My body felt like it was on fire inside and out.  The worst of it was around my other tails and my head.

{If you can hear me Luna, you are almost through the worst of it.}

I couldnt let out another sound, much less think a response.

{I will send Velvet an oracle telling her and the others to get here as fast as possible.  Skadi, when they get here, go and tell the guild everything here is done, then go with Ophidia.  Since Luna is a demigod now, she will need to learn a few things that only you can teach her.}

“I understand, Lady Tamamo.” (Skadi)

[Velvet POV]

It has been a while since we split from Luna and Skadi.  While we were making sure no boats left the docks, a sliver light flashed.  I turned to look at it and saw what I could only call a pillar of silver light descending from the sky.  Several seconds later, the sound of thunder came rolling in.  It was so loud that a few of the people on the docks were knocked to the ground.

“I thought master said she wanted to keep it intact.” (Ophidia)

“Maybe things are a lot different over there than we expected.” (Soleil)

“I feel like things are about to get hectic.” (Velvet)

The lightning increased in intensity and lasted for several minutes.  Once it and the thunder stopped, the silence that filled the air was deafening.  We waited for a bit when the Goddess spoke to me.

{Velvet, you and the others need to get to Luna right now.  Killing the kraken gave her enough levels to reach five tails and she is going to need to be brought back to the island.  Tell Ophidia to bring you all there, then bring Skadi there after she is done at the guild.}

“Soleil, Ophidia, we need to get over there now.” (Velvet)

“What are we waiting for then?  Lets go.” (Soleil)

We ran to the path that Luna created and followed it.  It took several minutes to reach the place.  When we got there, we found a giant frozen circle and saw Luna and Skadi at the bottom.  Luna was lying on the floor and Skadi was standing next to her.  Ophidia grabbed me and Soleil and blinked us down to them.  We went over to Lunas side and she slowly looked over to us.  There were tears running down her face and on her lower back a fifth tail was sprouting.

I picked Luna up off the ground and Ophidia teleported us to the island.  We ended up in Ophidias room and I ran out of it to bring Luna to hers.  I laid her face down on her bed and saw her ease up just a little.

“Th-ank…y-ou.” (Luna)

“How have you not passed out?” (Velvet)

“I…ca-nt.” (Luna)

“Do you know why, Goddess?” (Velvet)

{Things in her body are changing.  Even if she passed out, the pain would wake her up right away, though it should be calming down now.}

“Why did the kraken cause her to level up this much?” (Velvet)

{Because it was on the verge of evolving into a mythical beast.}

“I brought some water.  How are things going?” Soleil said as she entered the room.

“Has Ophidia already gone back for Skadi?” (Velvet)

“Yes.  She left right after you left the room.” (Soleil)

“Ugh.” (Luna)

“Big sis, does it still hurt?” (Soleil)

“Its…a bit…better.  Its just…my…head is killing…me.” (Luna)

I tried handing Luna the water that Soleil brought, but she didnt move.

“Sorry…I cant really…move at the moment.” (Luna)

“Are you going to try using healing magic like the time you got your third tail?” (Velvet)

“When I …can use my magic.  I cant really…do much right now…with my head in this state.” (Luna)

Since Luna couldnt move, I brought the cup of water up to her mouth and helped her drink it.

“Thanks.” (Luna)

“Big sis, do you know why I got a new magic affinity?” (Soleil)

“What is it?” (Luna)

“Stellar magic.” (Soleil)

“According the announcements I heard earlier, I was given my Authorities, or at least partial access to them.  As to what that means exactly, I have no clue, but one of them was the Authority of Stars that I wanted.  I also got that affinity after that, so I believe that is the reason.” (Luna)

“Does that mean that the world has these stars now?” (Velvet)

{Not yet.  It will be Lunas job to make that happen when she fully ascends.  As for that magic, Luna will need to figure out the details to it once she is able to.}

It was then that Ophidia entered the room followed by Skadi.

“This is a nice place you have here.” (Skadi)

“Thanks.” (Luna)

“How are you feeling master?” (Ophidia)

“The pain in my back is pretty much gone now, but my head still hurts.” (Luna)

“You recover quickly.  The way you looked earlier made it seem as if you were being ripped to shreds from the inside.” (Skadi)

“It felt more like I was burning, honestly.” (Luna)

{I think its time to let Luna rest a bit.}

“Good idea.  The rest of us can go and do something else.” (Velvet)

“Ophidia, can I ask you to go and collect any of the kraken thats left.  The ice should still be there for a while.” (Luna)

“Of course, master.” (Ophidia)

She teleported away.

“Look forward to a feast when I can move.” (Luna)

As soon as she said that; she fell asleep.  The rest of us left her room and went to the main living room.

“Since she will probably be out for a while, feel free to make yourself at home, Skadi.” (Velvet)

“Which rooms are free?” (Skadi)

“Ophidias is the one you left from.  The one next to the painting in the hallway is mine and Soleils is across from it.  The rest are free.” (Velvet)

“Ill go and pick one later.  Now tell me Velvet, has anything changed with you since Luna became a demigod?” (Skadi)

“So, you figured out I was her Apostle?” (Velvet)

“Any god or demigod can tell.” (Skadi)

“Then to answer your question, not much.  If I had to say what is different, my connection to Luna got stronger.” (Velvet)

“I see.” (Skadi)

“Does this mean I can finally become her Apostle as well?” (Soleil)

“Youll have to ask Luna or Lady Tamamo about that.  I dont know how much Luna differs from a normal demigod, but if its possible, you will probably need to meet some conditions.” (Skadi)

“I already knew that much.  Mom had to max out her gravity magic to become an Apostle of the Goddess, so I was ready for that.” (Soleil)

“This is news to me.  When did Lady Tamamo start getting Apostles?” (Skadi)

“Last year.  She has two now.” (Velvet)

“I believe dad became the Apostle of the God of Blacksmiths as well.” (Soleil)

“Nia will become the Goddess of Fates Apostle as well.” (Velvet)

“Even her?  It seems I need to go and visit the divine domain in the near future.” (Skadi)

“Can Luna do that at will now?” (Velvet)

“Probably not.  I have to visit a temple or shrine dedicated to my mother to go there.  From what I could tell, Luna has Authorities that dont have a dedicated temple or shrine, so she is still stuck here in the mortal world.” (Skadi)

“Then shell probably be able to do that when they finish the shrine in the Celestia Kingdom.” (Velvet)

It was then that Ophidia walked in again.

“What are you all discussing?” (Ophidia)

“Apostles and what kind of things big sis might be able to do now.” (Soleil)

“Whats an Apostle?” (Ophidia)

“The most important follower of a god or goddess.  They act as their representative here in the mortal world.” (Skadi)

“How do I become masters Apostle?” (Ophidia)

“Fulfill certain conditions.” (Skadi)

“From what I was told by the Goddess, Luna can have three Apostles.  I fill one spot already and Soleil will fill another once Luna figures everything out.  That leaves one space open, and I think you will probably fill it, so just be patient.” (Velvet)

“I see.  I guess we just have to wait for master then.” (Ophidia)

After that, we sat in silence for a few minutes when out of nowhere we heard a growling sound.  Soleil, Ophidia, and I looked around for the source.  When it sounded again, we all turned our heads to look at Skadi.  Her face was as expressionless as ever, but I could see that she was hiding her embarrassment.

“Are you hungry Skadi?” (Ophidia)

Skadi twitched at the question.

“Im not as good at cooking as big sis, but I can cook a bit.  Especially since big sis started teaching me.” (Soleil)

“Then lets get something to eat.” (Velvet)

Me and Soleil went to the kitchen and started preparing lunch for everyone that was awake.  We spent the rest of the day after that showing Skadi around the mansion and a small part of the island.

Author ’s Note:

Grey: To think that kraken was so close to becoming a mythical beast.

I said killing it would get her to five tails.  I ’m surprise none of the regulars here put those clues together.

Atmos: Well, I knew that was going to happen.

Grey: I wonder how it managed to get that strong so close to land though.

Remember Skadi saying there were a lot of bones everywhere?

Grey: Yeah.

Well, those were Leviathan bones.  It managed to kill one that was in the area and then moved on to easier prey in the form of whales and unfortunately a large fishing ship.  If it managed to live a week longer, it would have evolved.

Grey: I see.

Atmos: Can you answer a question of mine?


Atmos: Was it you that authorized the creation of the Authority of Stars?

I ’m the only one who could do that.

Atmos: Why was it different from when Luna created the Authority of Fluff?

Because the concept of Fluff already existed.  When Luna became the Abyssal Fluff, the concept bent to her will.  The reason it was different this time is because your world had no concept of stars.  I needed to make that for Luna ’s wish to become possible.

Atmos: Will you be directly interfering in our world again?

Not if I can help it.  The most I ’ll do now is keep the fluff spirits contained, but that ’s as much as I ’ll do.  As for your world having stars now, it ’s like what Tamamo said, Luna will have to handle that when she ascends.  As for any other questions, she only has limited access to her divine skills and her divine judgement is completely sealed.

Atmos: I ’m looking forward to what she comes up with those.

Grey: I agree.  I wonder what the first constellation she will make is.

I won ’t tell you, but it will lead to some interesting things happening later.

Grey: Sounds fun.

Atmos: I can ’t wait to find out.

Grey: You don ’t already know?

Atmos: I can ’t see it for some reason.  When I try, my vision cuts out.

Grey: That doesn ’t happen often.

Atmos: I know right, it ’s terribly exciting.

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