I was Betrayed then Reincarnated as a Kitsune

Chapter 109- Spending Time with Soleil and S-rank Promotion

[Luna POV]

“Are you prepared to face me?” (Skadi)

“As much as I can be.” (Luna)

Since this was a one-on-one the rest of my party joined the other adventurers that were watching this match.

{Luna, you need to be very careful here.  From what I remember about Skadi, you have the advantage when it comes to speed and magic, but she has overwhelming strength.  Do your best to avoid getting hit at all costs.}

‘I understand.

I walked to the center of the room and offered Skadi a handshake before our mock battle.

“Lets have a good fight.” (Luna)

She shook my hand and nodded.  We increased the distance between us and faced each other.  Skadi readied her greatsword and I was ready to cast magic at any time.  A nervous looking guild employee came between us and made sure that we were ready.  When we both nodded, he signaled the start of the fight and immediately ran away.

The first to make a move was Skadi.  She started running at me and was closing the distance fast.  She got very close before I managed to make a move.  She swung her sword and I blinked behind her just before the blade touched me.

‘I thought you said I was faster!?

{It seems she got stronger since the last I saw her.  Sorry for giving outdated information.}

I was about to reply to Tamamo when I had to dodge another sword strike.

“This isnt time for you to be distracted.  You are fast and strong, but you have hardly struggled up to this point.  Take this seriously.” (Skadi)

“Sorry about that.” (Luna)

I blinked away and then spread my mist around.  It wasnt very effective since Skadi swung her sword once and the mist cleared.  When the mist was fully gone, Skadi was surrounded by four of me.

“This still isnt enough.” (Skadi)

She dashed towards one of the illusions and cut it apart before swiftly changing direction and attacking a second illusion.  Before she made it to the second one, she was blocked by a wall of ice.

“Not enough.” (Skadi)

She swung her sword and cut the ice wall like a hot knife through butter, but instead of an illusion behind the ice wall, there was a Gate with a sword waiting for her.  The sword shot out of the Gate and almost hit her head on.  She moved her head out of the way, but I managed to scratch her cheek.  This caused a small smile to appear on her expressionless face.

“Better.” (Skadi)

She turned around to find several more illusions and even more Gates opened around her.  Me and every illusory me spoke at the same time.

“You were right earlier.  This is the first fight I havent been able to end almost instantly.  Lets see just how far I can go.” (Luna)

I charged all of the weapons peeking out of the Gates with lightning magic and aimed them at her.  She then launched herself from her position and cut apart three illusions with one swing.  I launched a spear from a Gate.  Since it was charged with lightning magic, it was faster than it normally would have been.  I even heard some murmurs from the peanut gallery stating that they didnt even see the spear until it landed.  She dodged the spear with a slight step to the side.

I launched several more weapons as well as ice spears that I was preparing.  The illusions were also doing their part in keeping her running around trying to find me.  She was able to cut apart the ice spears, but they were also slowing her down.  When she cut one, it would start to freeze her sword, and the ones that missed or that she dodged started to put patches if ice on the ground to hinder her movements.

“This ice is annoying.” Skadi said as she slammed the end of her sword into the ground and shattered the ice on it and around her.

“Tch.” (Luna)

I upped the amount of ice spears and started moving on to making illusory weapons to fire out of the Gates.  Since I ran out of physical weapons to fire, it freed me up to use lightning magic to attack as well.  I called a few strikes down from above her head but she dodged them all.  One of my illusions ran up to her and picked up a sword that was stuck in the ground next to her.  It swung it and hit her in the side; but was immediately bisected with a counter.

“Another good hit, but it lacked power.” (Skadi)

“It moved your attention at least.” I said as I blinked next to her and delivered a slash with my short sword.  “By the way, I can use high level healing magic as well, so dont be afraid to be more proactive.”

“Heh.  Good to know.” (Skadi)

She swung her sword even faster than before and scratched me just as I teleported away.

“Damn, she managed to scratch Luna.” (Velvet)

“How can you tell?” (Ophidia)

“Because I can smell the blood.” (Velvet)

“Is big sis ok?” (Soleil)

“Shes fine.  It was only a scratch.” (Velvet)

‘Guess I need to do better.

I charged myself with lightning magic this time and re-engaged Skadi.  The self-buff on top of my already high Agi stat made the world look like it was moving in slow motion.  I passed right beside Skadi several times and each pass I made, I cut at her.  Even with the speed I was going, she managed to move just enough for me to deal insignificant damage to her.

“Im starting to enjoy this now, Luna.  Lets see if you can dodge this.” (Skadi)

She readied her sword in a stance and swung.  To the spectators, it looked like one swing, but to me who was still seeing everything in slow motion, I could see that she actually swung her sword a total of ten times.  Since I was still in reach of her sword, every swing came very close to hitting me.

After her combo finished, I put distance between us.  I came out of that with several more scratches.

“Good work.  If any of those hit you, you would have been out of commission.  To come out of it with only scratches is a testament to your skill.” (Skadi)

“It was intense.  Now, Ill step it up a notch as well.” (Luna)

I opened Gates all around Skadi and prepared the chains as well as started filling the space with mist again.  This mist was filled with even more mana than earlier so it would be harder to clear.  I reduced the temperature to below freezing and charged the chains with lightning.  I started launching the chains and I could tell that I landed several hits.  I didnt let up with my earlier attacks as well.  I had ice spears firing at her and the ground below her.  I also started blinking around and slashing with my short sword.

[3rd Person POV]

The sounds of metal and magic clashing against each other were heard from inside the freezing mist that covered to arena.  Through all of that, the spectators could hear two sets of laughter.

“Hahahahahaha!  Good!  Good!  Very good Luna!” (Skadi)

“Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!  This is enjoyable.  Its so much fun being able to let loose like this.” (Luna)

The spectators could feel the temperature go down even more and a charge of electricity was filling the air.  Someone in the crowd spoke.

“Is this the birth of a new S-rank adventurer?”

“I never thought I would see be able to witness something like this.”

A loud clash sounded in the arena and a shadow was sent flying out of the mist.  It flipped in the air and slid several feet before disappearing back into the mist.

“Good one Skadi, but you wont get rid of me that easily!” (Luna)

“I was hoping you would say that!” (Skadi)

“Hey Ophidia, can you tell whats happening it there?” (Soleil)

“Im able to see through masters eyes, yes, but I am having a hard time keeping up with whats going on.  All I really see is mist and sometimes the glint of a sword.” (Ophidia)

“So, you dont see this how Luna sees it?” (Velvet)

“No.  If what I have heard about master from herself and the two of you is right, then she is in a battle-trance right now.  That doesnt carry over to me, so I see everything as we see it now, just with a different perspective.” (Ophidia)

Just then, the mist started to clear.  When it was completely gone, the arena looked like a warzone.  Discarded weapons littered the ground, and several areas were frozen over.  In the center of the arena, Skadi was lifted off her feet wrapped in chains that were coursing with silver lightning and spears of ice hanging above her head like a guillotines blade.  Luna was covered in scratches and had Skadis sword pointed at her throat.  Both of them looked exhausted and on their last legs.  The guild employee that was the referee to the match went pale and decided to call the match.

“The match is over!  The result is a draw!”

Hearing the words of the referee, the lightning coursing through the chains stopped and they slithered back into the openings in space.  The ice dissipated and Skadi fell to the floor.  She caught herself from falling down completely by stabbing her sword into the ground and leaning against it.  Luna fell flat on her back and taking deep breaths.  After a few minutes, she got up and offered Skadi a handshake like she did before their match.  She accepted the offered hand and the whole training hall erupted into cheers.

[Luna POV]

When everything quieted down again, the spectators started filing out of the training hall.  My party stayed behind and started collecting my weapons that littered the arena.

“Its been a long time since Ive had a good fight like that.  I believe you are ready to be S-rank and I will gladly welcome you as a new goddess of the world.” (Skadi)

“Thank you for giving me a challenging fight.  Give me a little more time to rest and Ill heal the both of us.” (Luna)

“Very well.” (Skadi)

It was then that Velvet and the others finished collecting the weapons and they dropped them at my feet.

“Thanks for doing that.” (Luna)

“Its the least I could do, master.  The parts of the fight I could see were brilliant.” (Ophidia)

“They really were.  It inspired me to redouble my efforts to getting stronger.” (Soleil)

“Im hesitant to ask, but do I need to fight you as well?” (Velvet)

“That depends, how much of our fight could you keep up with?” (Skadi)

“Until the point Luna covered the arena with mist the second time, I was able to keep up with everything.” (Velvet)

“Then there is no need to fight you personally.  I can feel you are strong, but in a different way to Luna.  Its enough that you managed to keep up with most of the fight.  As for the other two, you need to get stronger.” (Skadi)

““We understand.”” (Soleil and Ophidia)

I managed to recover enough mana to heal both of us and did so.

“Do you want to take care of the S-rank promotion tomorrow?” (Luna)

“Sure.” (Velvet)

“Skadi, do you mind coming with us to the Celestia Kingdom to do that?  We can teleport there and back.” (Luna)

“Why not just do it here?” (Skadi)

“I was told to do it there.” (Luna)

“Were you told that by Grey?” (Skadi)

“Not directly, but I assume he is the one that gave the recommendation to do so.” (Luna)

“Then its fine.  I have nothing to do until the kraken shows itself.” (Skadi)

“Good.  Lets go somewhere to eat, Im starving.” (Luna)

“I am as well.” (Skadi)

As we were leaving the guild, Tamamo spoke up.

{Luna, you were soooo cool.}

“I agree.  When Tamamo called me over, I didnt know what was up, but when I saw what was going on, I was mesmerized.” (Atmos)

{I think the best part was the serene look on your face.  Your eyes were also glowing much more than usual and were dazzling.  I cant get enough of it.}

“If only you could see Tamamos face right now.  Its quite the sight.” (Atmos)

‘Well, Im glad the two of you enjoyed the show.

{You must still be tired right now, though youre playing it cool.  I wish I could let you rest while I hugged you.}

“Tamamo, calm down, youre speaking your thoughts out loud.” (Atmos)

{How could I possibly calm down?  My Luna is tired and in need of pampering from me, but I cant indulge, I mean, do that.}

“Yes, yes, I know.  Sit here and put your head in my lap, youre too worked up right now and I need you to calm down.  Luna, sorry, but Im going to have to take care of this.” (Atmos)

‘Ok, but why is Tamamo acting like that?

“Hmm.  How is the vest way to describe it?  Oh, I know.  Shes extremely excited because you are close to demigod level and being able to fight to a draw with Skadi proves that.  That also mean that you are closer to ascending and being able to always be with Tamamo.  She is letting her excitement show through her normal demeaner because of how impressive you performed just now.” (Atmos)

‘So basically, she is getting overhyped right now?

“Yes.  Shell calm down in a little while, so dont worry about it.” (Atmos)


Just before the connection went out, I heard Atmos say one more thing.

“Now its time for me to act in my role as big sister.  Ive always wanted to take care if Tamamo when shes like this.” (Atmos)

‘I feel like there is more going on than she let on, but I wont worry about that.

Author ’s Note:

Grey: That was an impressive fight.

I hope so.  Now I really need to think of an epithet.  Comments please help me.  I only have one idea, but it only really pertains to her ice abilities.

Grey: Let me know when you come up with something.

Got it. 

Grey: Before I go, do you think Skadi will show up here?


Grey: Good to know.

Do the two of you not get along well?

Grey: We get along fine.  I just want to be far away from here if she meets Atmos again.

What did she do?

Grey: She took her hat as a prank once and Skadi has held a grudge ever since.


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