[Luna POV]

Since we were new to the city, we didnt know where the guild was, but we had an easy way to find it.  We waited for a bit for Skadis presence to head there and then went to it.

‘I wonder if there is a reason she doesnt reign in her presence?

{Ive only met her a few times, so I dont know her that well, but I can say that she isnt the most social person.  I think she does this because even people that cant feel the strength she exudes instinctively avoid her.}

‘I guess thats one way to get people to leave you alone.

“Master, Im starting to feel a strong presence.” (Ophidia)

“Me too.” (Soleil)

“So, this is what an S-rank is like.” (Velvet)

“I dont think thats right, Velvet.  This is what a demigod is like.  The both of us are easily S-rank in stats, but this is different.” (Luna)

“I guess youre right.” (Velvet)

We continued to get closer to the presence and found the guild after a few more minutes of walking.  When we entered, all of the adventurers that were present were acting strange.  The ones that were sitting at tables or the bar were all quiet and barely moving.  The ones at the quest board were standing stiff and trying their best to not look over in the direction of the reception counter.  The receptionists were faring even worse, many of them had scared expressions on their faces and a few were sweating so much you could tell from the entrance.

At the very center of the counter was a tall woman standing and facing away from the door.  When she heard the doors open and us enter, she turned slightly to see who broke the silence.  She looked at all of us and her gaze lingered on me for a second longer than the rest of my party.  She turned back to the receptionist she was talking to and then walked towards the stairs.  Once she disappeared up the stairs, everyone let out relieved sighs.  A few of the receptionists fell to their knees or nearly flat on their fronts or backs.  The receptionist that was talking with Skadi looked over to us and beckoned up to speak with him.

“Welcome to Berias guild branch, please head upstairs and go to the room that Miss Skadi is waiting in, I dont think I need to tell you which one to find.”

We all nodded and went upstairs.  We followed the presence and stopped at a door at the end of a hallway.  Before I knocked on the door, a voice told us to enter.  When we did, Skadi was sitting in a chair at the head of a table.  She was dressed in clothes that were primarily black with dark blue inner linings.  She also had a rather large hat that completed the outfit.  She had dull silver hair, pale skin, and red eyes.  Leaning by her side was a large, two-handed black sword.  When all of us were in the room and the door was shut, Skadi spoke.

“The kitsune with black hair, what is your name and relation with the gods?” (Skadi)

“I am Luna Reed, A-rank adventurer and the future wife of Tamamo, Goddess of the Moon, Night, and Gravity.” (Luna)

“A Fated One.  Its been a long time since the last one.  Why are you here?” (Skadi)

“Me and my party were just visiting Beria and hoping to spend some time near the sea.  We only arrived at this city yesterday.” (Luna)

“Have you noticed anything strange in your limited time here?” (Skadi)

“There was a thick fog filled with mana covering the city this morning.  I believe it is the result of a skill.  I dont know if its a normal occurrence here or not, so we came to the guild to find out.” (Luna)

“Are you sure this fog was the result of a skill?” (Skadi)

“I have a similar skill, so I am fairly positive that it is.” (Luna)

“Hmmm.” (Skadi)

She sat there, thinking about something.

“What are the ranks of the others?” (Skadi)

“Velvet here is A-rank like me, Soleil, the red-haired kitsune is B, and Ophidia here, is D, but only because she recently became an adventurer, her strength is on par with A-rank, maybe S.” (Luna)

“Nn.  Later I will test you.  Pass, and Ill recommend you and Velvet to be S-rank.” (Skadi)

“While I am grateful, why are you doing this?” (Luna)

“Because I am going to need help taking on the monster that produced that fog you were talking about.  It will be an S-ranked quest and only adventurers of equal rank can accept it.” (Skadi)

“What monster is it?” (Luna)

“A kraken.” (Skadi)

“How cliché.” (Luna)

My mirror then appeared and Tamamos face speared in the face.

{Hello Skadi, its been a while.}

“Hello Lady Tamamo.  You seem to be doing well.” (Skadi)

{I am.  Ive been listening to the conversation, so let me ask, why do you need Lunas help?}

“I want to test her.  Shes going to be a goddess eventually, so I want to see what she is capable of.” (Skadi)

“Just out of curiosity, how do you see me?  Strength wise, I mean.” (Luna)

“I can tell youre strong, but only at the level of one of the average S-rank adventurers.” (Skadi)

I deactivated the restraint skill.

“How about now?” (Luna)

“Hoh.  Now youre on the level Id expect of a future goddess.  Have you become a demigod yet?” (Skadi)

“Not yet, but Im close.” I removed my necklace, and the illusion was dispelled.  “I only need to get one more tail, and Ill become one.” (Luna)

“Very good.  This will make the hunt easier, though I do worry about your party, especially the kitsune that is hiding behind the vampire.” (Skadi)

“Give her time, and she will be able to fight on equal footing with us.” (Velvet)

There was a hint of anger in Velvets voice.

“Velvet, was it?  I meant no disrespect; I was just giving my opinion.  As she is right now, she will be a liability fighting on the open sea.” (Skadi)

Velvet was about to say something else, but Soleil stopped her.

“Calm down Velvet, shes right.  Compared to everyone in this room, I am still the weakest.  I know I still dont hold a candle to something like a kraken, but I will catch up with all of you eventually.” (Soleil)

“*Sigh*  Its alright Soleil, Ill help you out as much as I can.” Velvet said as she gave Soleil a hug.

“Meet me in this guilds training hall.  Ill fight you in a mock battle Luna.  As for Velvet, I want you to watch.  If Luna manages to last long enough, Ill recommend both of you to S-rank.” (Skadi)

Hearing her words, I couldnt help but get a small smile on my face.

“Then lets have a fun battle.” (Luna)

“Nn.” (Skadi)

She left the room and shut the door again.  Velvet was still hugging Soleil and Ophidia was sweating bullets.

“Master, are you sure you can take her on?” (Ophidia)

“Yes.  Im quite confident I can.” (Luna)

“Do me a favor and give her a pummeling.” (Velvet)

“Dont be so angry Velvet.” (Soleil)

“I cant help it Soleil, I dont like it when people insult you.” (Velvet)

“She wasnt insulting me.  Everything she said was true.  For now.” (Soleil)

“*Sigh*” (Velvet)

With the end of that conversation, we left the room and went to the guilds training hall.  There were a lot of people there and Skadi was waiting for us in the center of the room.

Author ’s Note:

Tamamo: She ’s just as blunt as ever.

Atmos: I agree.  She needs to relax more.

I want a hat like hers.

Tamamo: Can ’t you just make one?

That ’s not how it works.  I may be the master of this space, but I ’m limited in what I can do.  If it ’s something that has any relation to your world, I can do something, but if it ’s creating something for me, I can ’t do it.

Atmos: Is that why you could make a space for the fluff spirits?

Yep.  They have relation to your world, so I could make a separate space for them.  If I wanted to move them to a different world, I wouldn ’t be able to do it.

Tamamo: Then back on topic, how will Luna fair against her?

Luna is focused more on magic while Skadi is focused on strength.  I think Luna has a slight advantage, but she will lose if she gets hit.  That ’s how big an advantage EX level stats give.

Atmos: It ’s a good thing Luna is also good at illusions and avoiding direct melee.

Tamamo: I agree.  By the way, what happened with the plant-like things Skadi was fighting before?

She finished them all off already.  That ’s why she ’s here now.

Atmos: Now that she is here, I kind of pity that kraken.

I know right.  It was already easy prey for Luna, but with Skadi here, I feel like that battle will be very anticlimactic.  I mean, the hydra she fought was a tougher opponent and we all know how that fight went.

Atmos: I hope that she makes it flashy at least.

Yeah, she needs to do something to get her adventurer epithet.

Tamamo: I hope it ’s a good one.  Luna deserves one that makes other ’s respect her.

Atmos: What about Velvet ’s?

She already has one, it ’s just that nobody in Luna ’s party knows it yet.

Tamamo: How come?

Because Grey is keeping it that way.  That ’s also the reason that it hasn ’t shown up in Velvet ’s status yet.

Tamamo: Do you have an idea of what Luna ’s will be?

Depends.  If she uses her ice magic and ice mist a lot in her fight with Skadi, then I know it.  If she goes more with illusion magic and her more sneaky abilities or her lightning magic, then it ’s up in the air and I ’ll take any suggestions.

Atmos: Why would you take suggestions?

Because I ’m the one who comes up with most of the epithets for S-rank adventurers.  I then pass them on to Grey and he takes care of the rest.

Tamamo: What a weird system.

It keeps me occupied.

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