[Luna POV]

Ophidia led us to a cave in the side of the mountain and we followed her through it.  Since all of us had night vision, we could see perfectly in the cave.  The walls were lined with images of people in tribal outfits fending off what I assumed were wyverns and several pictures of a snake.  They started out with red and gold, then at one point started to become black.

“I assume that the people who used to live here worshiped you?” (Luna)

“They did indeed.  I learned how to speak their words and protected them from the wyverns that would leave the island to hunt.  The only thing I dont understand is why they considered me the god of the sun.” (Ophidia)

“Thats because the Goddess of the Sun, Quetz, can turn into a serpent form.  I havent seen it myself, but Tamamo has, and she told me about it.  As for how they knew that; I have no idea.” (Luna)

{Its not often, but we can descend sometimes.  These people must have seen Quetz descend at one point.}

“Why did you start protecting them?” (Soleil)

“Would you kill things that gave you offerings, shiny things, and didnt try killing you on sight?” (Ophidia)

“Fair.” (Soleil)

We were coming up to the end of the cave.  There was a bright light at the end and when we went through the exit, we were greeted by a beautiful sight.  I thought this was a volcano, but it was actually several small mountains that formed a ring.  In the valley below was a lush jungle.  In several places waterfalls flowed, making several rainbows.  There were many different sounds of birds and other animals.  In the center was an island floating in the sky.  It was massive.  If I had to give an example, it would be half the size of Manhattan.

“Bigger than I expected.” (Luna)

“Youre going to have a very large place to live, big sis.” (Soleil)

“Right?  I think I could fit all of Tamamos current place on top of there and still have room.” (Luna)

{I look forward to the changes you are going to make to the island to make it our home.}

“How are we going to get up there?” (Velvet)

“Like I said before, I hunt the wyverns to make sure they dont leave.  I can bring us there.” (Ophidia)

“Before we do that, is everyone ready?  I think that we wont stop until all the wyverns we are going to kill are dead today.  Ophidia, is there any point on the island that you would recommend sealing off with a barrier?” (Luna)

“The wyverns main nest area would be the optimal choice.  I can go and place the crystal for you while you clear the rest of the wyverns.” (Ophidia)

“Sounds good.  Velvet, Soleil, get ready for a long day.” (Luna)

““Lets go.””

We all grabbed onto Ophidia and she teleported us to the island.  When we got there, Ophidia transformed into her original form and slithered off with the crystal.  The three of us started our hunt.

“It will take a long time to hunt them down one-by-one, what should we do about that?” (Velvet)

“I have a monster lure in my inventory.  We can go to an empty space and use that to lure as many as we can to us.” (Luna)

“You know those are highly regulated, right?” (Velvet)

“Really?  Grey handed me several before we left.” (Luna)

“*Sigh*” (Velvet)

“Do you already know a good place through your space magic?” (Soleil)

“I dont even need to use it, we should go to the step pyramid in the center of the island and use it there.” (Luna)

“Lets go then.” (Velvet)

I looked at the pyramid that was towering over the trees and folded space to get us there.  When we arrived, I saw several wyverns laying on the ground in patches of sunlight.  I immediately used some ice magic and killed them, securing the area.

“Soleil, when I bring out the lure, I need you to use wind magic to spread the smell around.  Can you do that?” (Luna)

“Easily.” (Soleil)

“Velvet, watch the skies behind us.” (Luna)

“Got it.” (Velvet)

I pulled out the lure and Soleil started using wind magic.  I was happy that these lures produced a smell only monsters could smell.  It didnt take long for us to hear the roars of wyverns all around us.  I started to see movement in the trees below us and soon wyverns started to take to the sky.

“Luna, we have a lot starting to take off behind us.” Velvet said with a bit of nervousness in her voice.

“Same right here.” (Soleil)

“Theres no need to be nervous, Im here.  Now, lets let the meat come to us.” (Luna)

All of the wyverns started to fly around us in a circle.  It looked like a scene pulled right from a fantasy movie.  The first one started to fly toward us; but was impaled through the skull by a spear fired from a Gate.  More started to fly at us, but they were fended off by Velvet and Soleil.  They scratched some and killed a few that I had left on deaths door.  We stood our ground and the wyverns kept coming at us like moths to a flame.

[Ophidia POV]

After taking master and her comrades to the island, I took her barrier crystal and went off to the main nesting area.  I transformed into my original form because it would be faster than moving on human legs.  I slithered past tree roots and underbrush until I reached a rocky area.  There were discarded scales littered all over the place and lots of places ground into sand that were the nests of the wyverns.

There were about 10 pairs laying on nests, enough to keep master satisfied.  I used a stealth skill and made my way to a suitable area in the nesting grounds.  I transformed my top half into a human shape and started to bury the crystal.  As I was about to pour some mana into it, I started to smell a very pleasant scent.

‘Master must be doing something.  I need to hurry before these ones start to get rowdy.

I started pouring mana into the buried crystal, and soon I felt an invisible force envelope a large area.  Just as that happened a few of the wyverns noticed the smell and started to take off.  When they got to an appropriate height, they started to fly in the direction of the giant stone pile the old humans made.  Before ling however, they crashed into something and fell from the sky.

‘That must be the edge of the barrier.  These ones will have a significant area to hunt in still.  Now, time to go and help master.

I slithered away from the nesting grounds and slipped through the barrier with ease.  As I was heading towards masters location, I stopped and killed several wyverns.  By the time I reached my destination, master and the other two had already created a mountain of bodies.  I could hear masters thrilled laughter coming from the top of the stone pile and I started my ascent.  When I got to the top, masters two companions were attacking wyverns with magic and a sword that moved like me.  Master was throwing around ice, lightning, and weapons with a wide smile on her face and her eyes glowing a bright silver.  I was about to join with them when the last wyvern fell out of the sky with a sword in its eye.  I was about to speak to master when her face turned pale.

“Welcome back Ophidia.  Would you mind catching me?” (Luna)

I quickly transformed back into my human form just as master fell forward.  When I caught her in my arms, a soft, blissful feeling enveloped me.  It beckoned me to accept its embrace and to dive deeper.  That feeling was then taken away and my senses returned to normal, though the feeling lingered in my arms and hands.

“She should have remembered that youre new.” (Velvet)

“What happened to master?” (Ophidia)

“Seems like shes getting a new tail.  Its not surprising with the number of wyverns that we killed.” (Velvet)

“It looks really painful.” (Soleil)

The tiny ones words were correct; masters face was contorted in severe pain and tears were falling from her eyes.  When I looked at the place her tails were, a fourth was rapidly appearing.  After a few minutes, the fourth tail was fully there and masters face became peaceful.

“Ophidia, can you teleport us down from here and help us find a good place to let Luna rest?” (Velvet)

“I know a place.  I passed by it on my way here.” (Ophidia)

The two grabbed onto me and I teleported us to the bottom of the stone pile.  I led them to a relatively intact human den and they brought master inside.

“Soleil and Ophidia, please go and get some fallen leaves so that we can make a temporary bed for her.” (Velvet)

I followed the tiny one and we collected leaves and brought them back to the den.  We placed the leaves we collected in a good place and the tiny ones partner placed master on top of them.

“Velvet, are you alright?” (Soleil)

“Yeah, Im just glad Im so resistant to the fluff.” (Velvet)

“What do we do now?” (Ophidia)

“We wait.  How was placing the barrier?” (Velvet)

“Simple.  I believe all of us can enter and exit the barrier, but the wyverns definitely cant.” (Ophidia)

“Then lets rest.  We may not have done that much; but facing so many wyverns was bad on my nerves.” (Velvet)

“I agree.  Im very tired right now.” (Soleil)

The two of them sat on the ground and let out large sighs.

“Since Im the least tired here, Ill keep watch.” (Ophidia)

“No, you rest as well.  You fought Luna earlier and she used a lot of intimidation on you.  You dont realize it, but you look exhausted.” (Velvet)

“But master healed me before we made it here.” (Ophidia)

“She healed your physical wounds, not your mental fatigue.” (Soleil)

The more they said, the more I realized that they were right.  When I was fighting master earlier, I really thought I was going to die.  When she trapped me in the metal bindings and let her intimidation loose, I saw my end and I knew that I couldnt escape.  I slowly sat down next to the others and leaned my head back on the wall.

“It seems like the two of you are right.” (Ophidia)

“Before we all fall asleep, I want to welcome you again, Ophidia.  Welcome to Stellaris.” (Velvet)

“Welcome.” (Soleil)

“Thank you both.  May I ask what this Stellaris is?” (Ophidia)

“Its the name of our adventurer party.  From today onward, you are a member.” (Velvet)

As my consciousness faded I felt myself smile.

“Heh.  I look forward to…adventuring…with……everyone.” (Ophidia)

Author ’s Notes:

Looks like meat ’s back on the menu.

Grey: You were just waiting to use that line, weren ’t you?


Atmos: She better share some of that when she wakes up.

Tamamo: Don ’t be impatient, Atmos.  I ’ll get her to share some with the two of you.

What about me?  The two of you ate all the peppers last time, so you better let me have some this time.

Grey: What peppers?

Ones stuffed and wrapped in high orc bacon, then grilled.

Grey: WHAT!  Why wasn ’t I invited for that!?

Hey, at least you weren ’t there to smell them and watch everyone eating them in front to you.  Not to mention that they were all gone before I could even reach for one.

Grey: My condolences.

It was your wife that ate the most of them.

Atmos: In my defense, they were extremely delicious.

Tamamo: That ’s not helping you in the slightest.

You ’re just as guilty, Tamamo.

Tamamo: You ’re exaggerating.

Look at me and say that again.

Tamamo: …

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