[Luna POV]

We stayed in the spot we stopped in for an extra day because Soleil wanted to paint the scenery of the mountain and jungle.  Her painting turned out gorgeous and I didnt fail to notice how she included Velvet in it.  Now we just finished clearing camp and were ready to traverse the jungle.

“You two ready?” (Luna)

“Yep.” (Soleil)

“Yes.” (Velvet)

When we entered the tree line, it felt like we entered a barrier.

“The chance that this is the place were looking for just increased.” (Luna)

“Do you know what kind of barrier that was?” (Velvet)

“A space kind that lets the caster know when someone enters it.  It wont tell them where we are, just that were here.  Its mid-level space magic, so theres a high chance this guardian snake is somewhere here.” (Luna)

“Are we going to fight that guardian?” (Soleil)

“I was hoping to get it to join us.  I mean, once the island is conquered, we can make it into our base.” (Luna)

“Youre branching out into taming now?” (Velvet)

“Not really, though it could also be useful one day.” (Luna)

We continued to walk in the direction of the mountain while on the lookout for the snake.  After several hours we found a clearing that had some kind of old ruins.  I also felt my presence detection telling me something was waiting for us.

“Turn back explorersss.  You are not welcome in thisssss place.”

“Actually, I think we are.” (Luna)

“Oh.  Then sssssshow me thissssss proof.”

After these words, a very large snake with black scales slithered out of some of the ruins and towards us.  I pulled out the Key of the Sky Temple and showed it to the snake.

“You hold the key.  You are qualified to passsss.”

“Before we do, I have a proposition for you.” (Luna)

“And that propsssssition issssss?”

“Join us on our adventure, it will be far more entertaining than just wandering around here.” (Luna)

“While interessssssssting, are you sssssssstrong enough to make me ssssubmit?”

Instead of answering with words, I removed my necklace, revealing my tails and I deactivated my restraint skill.

“Lets let Luna handle this herself Soleil.” (Velvet)

“But-” (Soleil)

“I was told that she needs to do this by herself.” (Velvet)

“Ok.” (Soleil)

‘I wonder who told- no, it was probably Atmos.

“I sssssssee, you are much sssssssstronger than I thought.  Now, sssssmall one, sssssssshow me what you are capable of.”

The snake instantly struck at me but all it hit was an illusion.  I had already teleported above its head and threw a punch downward.  Its head hit the ground very hard and caused some fissures to form.

“Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha!  A good sssssstrike and capable of ssssssssspace magic assssssssssss well.”

The snake whipped its tail and hit me across the stomach which sent me flying into the trees.  Several of them snapped like twigs as I flew through them.  When I stopped, I got back to my feet and blinked back to our little arena.

“Fufufufufuhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!  Its been so long since I was sent flying like that!  Come on snake, lets have more fun!”

I started to use my mist and covered the area.  I made illusory versions of myself and sent them to confuse my opponent.

“Thissss cold missssst will not work on me.”

The snake swept its tail and some of the mist cleared, revealing my illusions.  The snake swung its tail and bit at the illusions but didnt find me.  When it finished the last illusion, I cleared the mist revealing the chains peeking out of my Gates.  I launched the chains and they wrapped around the snake, trapping it.  I then prepared some lightning but didnt make it strike.  I had other Gates open and numerous ice spears floating around and ready to be fired.

“You have a masssssssssterful usssssssssssse of magic, but thissssssss will not make me sssssssssssubmit.”

“Then can you handle this?” I said as I put my intimidation on full blast.


I stared right into its eyes as I focused all of the intimidation onto the snake.

“Releasssssssse me, I will follow you.”

I stopped all of my magic and got the chains to release the snake.

“Give me a name.”

“From now on, you will be called Ophidia.” (Luna)

“I receive it gracefully massssster.” (Ophidia)

When the snake accepted the name, a bright light shone.  When the light faded a woman with black hair with some streaks silver was crouching on the ground.  When she stood up, her whole figure was exposed.  She had a bigger chest than Velvet and Soleil, but smaller than mine and toned abs.  She was taller than me by a head and her eyes were amber with slitted pupils.

“So, this is how I will look from now on.” (Ophidia)

“Can you not return to your previous form?” (Luna)

“I can.  I can also turn my bottom half into a serpentine form, but I will stay like this for now.  I need to get used to legs if I am going to be useful to you in the future.” (Ophidia)

“For now, let me get you some clothes.  I have some of my old ones that dont fit me anymore, but should do fine for you until we can either get or make some.  Ill help you put them on.” (Luna)

As I did this, Velvet and Soleil came over to us.

“Good job Luna, and welcome aboard.” (Velvet)

“Welcome, and neither big sis nor Velvet are available, so dont get any ideas.” (Soleil)

“Huhuhuhuhu.  Worry not, tiny one, I will not pursue your partner nor is master a target of my affections, I can tell she is one fated to be with one of a higher power.  My name is Ophidia, it will be my honor to journey with all of you.” (Ophidia)

“My name is Velvet.”

“Mine is Soleil.”

“I am Luna.”

I pulled out my mirror and Tamamo showed herself.

{I am Tamamo, the Goddess of the Moon and Lunas partner.}

Ophidia knelt.

“Its an honor to see your visage, Great One.” (Ophidia)

{Your praise is appreciated, but this is unnecessary.  As a follower of Luna, you have the privilege to act friendly with me.}

“Thank you.” (Ophidia)

“With the introductions done, shall we move onto todays main event?” (Luna)

“You wish to make the island yours?” (Ophidia)

“Yes.” (Luna)

“Then be prepared to face many wyverns.  They have made their nests on the island for hundreds of years.  Ive made it my habit of hunting them to make sure they stay there.” (Ophidia)

“How many are we talking about?” (Velvet)

“Hundreds.” (Ophidia)

“Think we can kill most of them except a small part of the island?  I want to keep some alive in order to have a supply of wyvern meat for later.” (Luna)

“If your space magic is as strong as I believe, then together, we will be able to lock several in a barrier.” (Ophidia)

“If we go with that, one of us will have to be here permanently.  Give me a little time, and Ill think of a more permanent solution.” (Luna)

“What about making a barrier crystal?” (Velvet)

“Surprisingly, I dont have any crystals in my inventory.” (Luna)

“Is a crystal one of those shiny rocks that others find valuable?” (Ophidia)

“Yes.” (Luna)

“Then I have many.  When the people that built these stone things, they gave them to me in order to keep me from harming them.” Ophidia said as she dropped thousands of different sized crystals from her space inventory.

I picked up one of the biggest ones and appraised it.

Mana Diamond: Diamond made from highly condensed mana.  Used in many rituals from ancient times and is useful in maintaining barriers.

“This is perfect.” I said as I started to enchant the mana diamond.

“Just how proficient in space magic is master?” (Ophidia)

“Shes had the level maxed out for a while.” (Velvet)

“Shes already more proficient than me, and its my specialty.” (Ophidia)

“Dont worry, just because big sis can do most things doesnt mean shell get rid of you.  If anything, youll make our journey even more lively.” (Soleil)

“Thank you, tiny one.  Your words are reassuring.” (Ophidia)

I finished enchanting as they were having this conversation.

“Is there anything in particular that you would like to learn?” (Luna)

“Hmm.  About three hundred years ago there was a human that fought me using his hands.  The way he fought impressed me and I always wondered if I could do that if I had hands.” (Ophidia)

“So, you want to try out being a brawler?” (Luna)

“Is that what its called?  It sounds exhilarating.” (Ophidia)

“Then Ill see what I can do.  I think my father or someone at the guild can teach you after we finish our business here.” (Luna)

“Allow me to show you to the island then.” (Ophidia)

Author ’s Note:

Luna: Hey Atmos, is Grey a proficient brawler?

Atmos: Not to the standard that you would like, but he can teach her the basics.

Luna: What will it cost me this time?

Atmos: I ’ll make sure that you won ’t have to do anything.

Luna: Thanks, I ’ll make sure you get to brush my tails as long as you want when I get the chance.

Atmos: I see you can read between the lines well, Luna.

Luna: Don ’t try to out-fox a kitsune, Atmos.

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