As everything around me fades to black I hear laughter coming from the people who should have been my teammates.  In all my life I never would have thought that I would die in another world, especially by the hands of people who should know that Im the reason they were having such an easy time in the dungeon we were currently in.  Once my consciousness cut out my last thought was about the people who helped me when we were first summoned to this world and what their reactions will be when they learn what happened.  After a while I felt myself waking up and the first this I saw when I opened my eyes was a vast starless sky and a beautiful full moon shining its silver light and illuminating the world.  After getting lost just staring at the moon for a while I voiced my thoughts to the sky,

“So am I dead or is this a dream?”

{Unfortunately for you, your human life has come to an end.}

When I got an unexpected answer to my question I jumped up and turned around to see the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.  She had long silver hair that seemed to shine like the moon above our heads.  She wore a stunning dark blue kimono that accentuated her beauty and made her light color hair stand out even more.  After recovering from my surprise, I noticed that the woman who spoke to me wasnt human.  Instead of ears on the side of her head she had a pair of fox ears and at her back were 9 long, silver tails.  Looking into her eyes I noticed that they shone with a faint golden light.  While I was trapped in my thoughts, she spoke to me again.

{It seems like you were purposely pushed into a trap by your companions and killed almost immediately.}

“So that really was the case, huh.  Well, its not like I didnt expect something like this to happen eventually” I said shrugging my shoulders.

{You are taking this surprisingly well for someone who just died} the woman said with a hint of surprise in her voice.

“Not really, I just dont think my mind has had the time to really comprehend this whole situation.  If we wait a while, I think I will start freaking out.”

{Fair enough, so while you are relatively calm, I will introduce myself, my name is Tamamo, and I am the Goddess of the Moon of this world.}

After introducing herself, she gave me a welcoming smile that instantly made my heart race faster that I ever thought it could.  Shaking my head to get my thoughts in order I returned her greeting, “My name is Jason Strider, summoned person and former member of the heros party.”

{Its an honor to meet you, Jason. Now that the introductions are over let me ask you, do you want to start a new life in this world or move on to the afterlife?}

While her question surprised me a little, I was kind of expecting it.  Back on Earth I loved novels like this and always secretly wished to find myself in a situation like this.  “Before I answer, is there any demerit to either option?” I asked even though we both already knew what I would choose.

{Refusing would mean that your soul

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